Astana is the heart of Eurasia


The Eurasian supercontinent is composed of Europe and Asia, home to over 75% of humanity combined. Eurasia is often considered the center of world geopolitics.

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Astana, Kazakhstan's capital city, exudes modernity with its futuristic culture and is an attractive tourist destination. At its center stand landmarks like Bayterek Tower, Palace of Peace and Reconciliation and President's Cultural center - providing tourists with plenty of eye-catching spots.

It is a city of contrasts

Kazakhstan's capital city lies at the heart of Eurasia, and has much to offer visitors and residents alike. Ranging from traditional Kazakh encampments to modern three-dimensional structures, Kazahkstan offers visitors an eclectic mix of architecture.

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Astana's architecture reflects its history: three distinct stages have occurred over its development, each having an impactful influence on its architectural form.

In the initial stage, traditional Kazakh encampments and buildings such as yurts, monuments, and towers were established.

The second phase was marked by the development of a modern city that reflected changing cultures, social conditions and political dynamics. At this time many monumental public buildings such as a Palace of Youth, Virgin Lands Palace and House of Soviets were constructed.

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Astana underwent another transformation during its third phase when Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa developed its master plan and made Astana into a planned capital city with futuristic energy efficient structures that began to flourish and make an impressionful statement about Kazakhstan as a whole.

It is a city of culture

Astana offers many cultural attractions for travellers with an interest in history and achievements of former President Nazarbayev. There are various museums dedicated to Kazakh history that showcase his many accomplishments.

Cityscape of Montreal is also famed for its futuristic architecture; one notable structure is Norman Foster's 77 meter glass pyramid of peace designed for this city.

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One of Kazakhstan's modern landmarks is the Khan Shatyr shopping mall and entertainment center, built with an innovative architectural design combining traditional Kazakh architecture and cutting-edge technologies.

As the city expands and modernizes, many of its old buildings have been demolished to make way for new ones. Visitors can stroll through "Old Town" to witness Soviet-era architecture still present today.

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Kazakhstan's young capital reveals an ambitious outlook and energy. Attractive multi-storey buildings, ultra modern hotels, and business centers stand as testaments to this optimism.

It is a city of shopping

Astana, Kazakhstan's vibrant new capital established only recently in 1997, stands out with its modern buildings, wide avenues and luxury hotels that reflect Kazakhstan's wealth and prosperity to the outside world.

Nursultan Nazarbayev, the Emir of Kazakhstan Steppes, had an ambitious plan when he relocated his capital from Almaty to Astana in 1997: creating a modern city that showcased Kazakhstan's wealth and status to the rest of the world. Astana now houses luxuriously designed futuristic metal and glass skyscrapers, government buildings, hotels and museums that will dazzle all who visit it.

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Are You Shopping in Astana? You will be thrilled to know there is an impressive variety of stores offering everything from international name labels to locally produced goods. One of the best shopping spots is Mega Silk Way Mall which features stores suited for both children and adult shoppers alike.

Duman entertainment complex is also worth visiting; its wide range of attractions and activities includes casinos, cafes and nightclubs as well as arcade rooms where interactive games can be enjoyed for fun.

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It is a city of nightlife

Astana offers plenty of exciting options for an enjoyable night out or relaxing after an exhausting flight, including saunas, clubs and bars that feature lady escorts (Nyotaimori) as well as sushi ladies (Nyotaimori).

Astana offers many opportunities for enjoying an enjoyable evening out, all within reasonable budget. Taxis will cost approximately 500 Tenge for 10 minutes of ride time while Yandex taxi apps may also work well (download before heading out).

Enjoy a show at the Opera House or visit the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation before unwinding with a soak in Ak Bulak sauna complex's hot tubs.

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Kazakhstan's forward-thinking capital is home to an abundance of quirky architectural masterpieces that promise an unforgettable travel experience. Khan Shatyr, an iconic tent-shaped shopping mall that houses numerous restaurants as well as an exotic beach featuring Maldivian sand, should not be missed when in Almaty.