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Australia, a continent of dreams…

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Australia has a wide horizon of tourist attractions ranging from rain forests to scorched deserts. It has always remained on the top of the bucket list because of the affable nature of its citizens. The rugged national parks and plethora of beach destinations cumulative a memorable adventurous journey. It holds major hype as a dream destination for tourism because of its mesmerizing beauty and spectacular staggering contrasts. Beautify your trip by destining to the most alluring parts of Australia mentioned below:

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

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Stating some facts about the famous heritage, the Great Barrier Reef; it is the largest and one of the Seven Wonders of the World, established in 1975 as a marine park. It is a habitat for thousands of coral reefs, inshore mangrove islands, and coral rays. Main activities of enjoyment include diving, snorkeling, hot air ballooning, whitewater rafting, outer reef cruise activity, and low isles sailing cruise. The seafood of marine point is exported enormously and served at multiple restaurants. The famous kinds of seafood are sharks, stingrays, dugongs, and above species of fishes. The tourists can stay peacefully at the ravishing locations of Cairns, Sheraton Grande Mirage Resort, and Port Douglas Whitsunday Apartments Hamilton Island.

Sydney Harbor Bridge

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It is one of the notable and well-known tourist destinations globally. Anciently called “The Coathanger”, it was constructed in 1932 and is the largest steel bridge in the world with height above 134 meters and bridge width of 500 meters. Astonishingly, the famous painter of all times, Paul Hogan also participated in the painting of the bridge. One of the thrilling activities practiced by tourists is to view the spectacular scenery of harbor from the pinnacle of the bridge. Harbourside apartments, The Langham Sydney, and Park Hyatt Sydney have been hosting tourists for decades. Apart from the enchanting trip to the bridge, the appetite courses served by the indelible restaurants add special significance. The famous food items include kingfish sashimi and Australian lamingtons. Many Australian travel agencies are facilitating international and local tourists with reasonable traveling packages and coupons for 10 days trip to 5 destinations including Sydney Bridge.

Blue Mountains National Park

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A day visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Site is a mandatory trip for having the best sessions of biking, hiking, horseback riding, abseiling, and rock climbing. This 180 km stretched land occupies eucalyptus forests, gorges, waterfalls, and 150 kilometers of hiking trails. Famous places of the park are the heightened sandstone statues of Three Sisters, Scenic World, and Govetts Leap Lookout. Nearby reasonable accommodations include multiple five-star hotels like Pioneer Way Motel. Many hotels are nowadays running spring discount packages for the tourists for trips of 2019.

Bondi Beach

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If you are fed up of continuous campaigning, take a little break by spending an evening at the bronzed sand of Bondi beach. It is the oldest hub for surfing activities and shows. Many television shows have also broadcasted on the beach and to cite, the Aussie show of Bondi Rescue. Famous exciting games include seaside trolling, riding, horse race, skating, swimming, and bonfires. It is the famous point for Christmas and New Year celebrations for crowds. Tuc shops, cafes, and meager food points additionally beautify the coastal trip. To further enjoy the day, a stay at the nearby motels can be accommodated like the well-known QT Bondi Hotel. Such motels are also providing spa discount coupons for female tourists to lower their traveling stress.

Daintree National Park

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Talking about the natural part of Australia, Daintree is counted as the ancient ecosystems on the planet. It holds great importance because of its spiritual heritage link to the Eastern Kuku Yalanji Aboriginal people. This park is a habitat for 18000 plant species and an array of rare animals, for example, species of crocodile, kangaroo, and cassowary. Tourists are mostly guided to places like Mossman Gorge and Cape Tribulation in the forest by the experts. They can also make safe stays at the nearby camps of Daintree Peaks ECO Stays and resorts of Port Douglas. The stunning journey in the park covers the view of the largest ecosystem and wild lives.

Kakadu National Park

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Let’s also acknowledge the second largest national park of the world, Kakadu, which covers 19,840 square kilometers of land. It holds enormous rainforests, waterfalls, diverse wildlife, and rivers. Moreover, it is the center of living for 300 rare species of mammals, reptiles, and birds. It remains close half of the year because of severe rainfall; however, the visit can be made through the conveyance of hiking and boating. A day visit to the park is recommended by the guides.

Broome region

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The western capital of Australia, Broome, is now the pearled attention of the tourists. It is the gateway to the famous heritage of the Kimberley region. Places of tribute in Broome are Cable Beach, Broome Historical Museum, and Broome Crocodile Park. The endless coast of the beach and green water serves with best sunsets and camel ridings. This place entertains people with moon optical illusion in the spring season. The remote natural beauties of the Kimberley region are Cape Leveque, Mitchell Falls, and the Gibb River Road.

Cradle Mountain Lake

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It is a precious nirvana for tourists in Australia for its vicinity covered in glittery lakes, dense forests, and glacier iced stones. The trip to the lake can be made more distinct and incredible by visiting Mount Ossa which is the highest peak in Tasmania. The best kind of activity played here is hiking in the green forests of Weindorfer Walk and Lake Dove Walk. Most of the tourists are admired for reaching the highest pinnacles of the Cradle Mountains to absorb the charismatic beauty of highlands.

The Great Ocean Road

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Nevertheless, the enjoyment of a long drive on the isolated road of Great Ocean can never be missed out. This road of 300 km is destined between Torquay and Allansford. Alongside, other fun activities can be carried out at a nearby Port Campbell National Park like hiking and swimming in the waterfalls. Important places to add thrill in the journey are eucalyptus forests of the Otway National Park. A sincere suggestion to all the hiking freaks is to avail the chance of hiking in the shiny nights on the Great Ocean Road. This will surely become the unforgettable moment of their trip. Plan a separate day for hiking and better to wear the proper hiking apparel to save you from any injury. If you are unfamiliar with the marts and shops nearby the Ocean Road, log on to the internet and shop sports attire through Easter sales offers or coupons at reasonable rate.

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