5 Must Visit Places In Australia


The world’s largest island and smallest continent, Australia is located between the Pacific and the Indian Ocean. Australia has something special to offer every visitor. There are so many sights to discover and enjoy from exploring the vast ‘Land Down Under’ to going on a walking adventure. One can explore the traditional lifestyle of the nation’s Aboriginal people, relaxing on a sun-kissed beach or enjoying the nightlife in a city hot spot.

With some amazing national parks and fantastic islands, visitors to Australia can be off to exploring the delights of Tasmania one minute from Kakadu and Uluru-Kaka Tjuta National parks to the next.

In addition to this, the beautiful beaches and the turquoise water waters that line its shores are home to the jaw-dropping Great Barrier Reef, one of the greatest miracles of the natural world and one of Australia’s most popular tourist destination. With so much to explore you will have your job cut out to fit everything into your trip.

Some places which you must visit during your Australia trip are:

1. Canberra: Canberra is a lovely and the liveliest place to hang out. It is a fantastic place to explore gardens and human-made lakes by hiking and cycling.


Photo of Canberra ACT, Australia by Wonder Holiday Packages

2. Pinnacles: It is situated in Nambung National Park. Its beautiful limestone formation rising out of the desert floor makes it an incredible sight. Tourists come here to enjoy nature which includes emu, dingo, kangaroos, and honey possum.


Photo of The Pinnacles Desert, Pinnacles Drive, Nambung WA, Australia by Wonder Holiday Packages

3. Gold Coast: It is situated in the south of Brisbane on Queensland’s south-eastern coastline. This place is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Australia because of its famous beaches and surfing.

Gold Coast

Photo of Gold Coast QLD, Australia by Wonder Holiday Packages

4. Sydney: Sydney is the best city defined by its scenic harbor. Its famed harbor bridge and iconic Sydney opera house will spellbind you. Syndey beaches are the perfect place to spend some holiday time with family. Its popular beaches Bondi Beach, Manly, and Coogee have their own charms.


Photo of Sydney NSW, Australia by Wonder Holiday Packages

5. Great Barrier Reef: It is the largest coral reef on the surface of the earth. It is located in The Coral Sea off the coast of Queensland. More than 2,900 coral reefs and cays are formed by millions of living organisms. Underwater observatories, helicopter flights, and glass-bottomed boat tours are the best way to experience the coral reefs.

Great Barrier Reef

Photo of Great Barrier Reef, Australia by Wonder Holiday Packages