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6th Nov 2017

A Miracle - Vishalakshi Mandap @The Art Of Living International Centre

Photo of Art of Living International Center, Bangalore, Karnataka, India by Swati Tripathy

November 2011, I happened to stumble upon this majestic phenomenon of turning inside and gazing at my own self with the sheer amazed eyes of wonder! That left me feeling empty yet recharged, crazy yet uniquely special, different yet extraordinarily beautiful and more than anything else, the power of realizing the higher purpose of me being alive right now, right here!

Well, for some this might sound a little uncanny or dreamy, however, anything that is closer to truth does shake off the pre-build concepts of our mind.

This splendidly carved Meditation Hall, at the Art of Living International Centre, Bangalore, called the Vishalakshi Mandap, is an abode for life! Life in every form! This doesn't just welcome human beings from every possible man made demarcations, it also is a home to every living creature, from migratory birds, to reptiles and even the mightiest elephants to the tiniest ants :)

This planet is infused with countless pleasant and the not so pleasant destinations. However, if we know the art of finding beauty inside, we can see the extraordinary in every ordinary and the fragrance in every non fragrant entity. So, before you start your journey around the world and beyond, come home...Come to The International Art of Living Centre in Bangalore and discover the undiscovered, explore that what others have discarded, and add the possibility to every impossible aspect that life throws on us.

Rest and rest a little more, for the more you rest, the more you come out like a fresh new bud of limitless excellence and unimaginable beauty!

Celebrate each day! each moment and more often Celebrate YOU!

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