One Of The Mysterious Tunnel Alutila Cave, khagrachari


Alutila Cave, also called Alutila Mysterious Cave (Bengali: আলুটিলা গুহা) is a cave located in Matiranga Upazila in hill district of Khagrachari, Bangladesh.

The cave formed inside the 1000-meter-high hill named Alutila (potato hill) or Arbari Hill. The hill area is surrounded by deep green forest.

The cave is 100 meters long. It has a natural subway-like shape with cold water flowing at bottom. The cave is so dark that torches or locally sold flambeaux are used to see well enough to walk around the cave.

A mysterious cave at Alutila tourist center of Matiranga upazila, 7 kilometers west of Khagrachari town. The locals call it Matei Hakid or Deva's cave. But Alutila is located in the tourist center and we know it as a potato cave. This is a renowned tourist center of Khagrachori. The natural beauty here is unrivaled, the heart touches.

Alutila is the highest mountain in Khagrachari district. Although it is a hill, it is basically a mountain range. The former name of Alutila was the Arbari mountain. Its highest height is 3000 thousand feet from sea level. Here are some parts of Khagrachari town. not only that; You will get your mind on the greenery of the hill. The skies of the sky and the clouds have created the delicate atmosphere here.

During the World War II, people of this region collected wild potatoes from Khagrachharhi and lived there to eat it. Since then, this mountain is known as Alutila. There are lots of wild potatoes available here yet.

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