Photo of Cebu 1/3 by Cherry Mae Torres Antonio
Photo of Cebu 2/3 by Cherry Mae Torres Antonio
Photo of Cebu 3/3 by Cherry Mae Torres Antonio

Recently, I was musing on the incredible things I've seen and people we've met around Cebu. I cant leave out the first experience that will give me my lifelong wanderlust. I think my general nature combined with my love of reading and it's discovery of wonder of one place. Always inspired in me a deep desire to see the world. The memories of Cebu trip are still strong within me. We did a lot of fun, interesting things while filming ourselves. Lol! Walking along, talking, laughing, chasing the sunset, back ride with the so called habal-habal, diving with the whale sharks, taking the chance to dip into the majestic Tumalog Waterfalls, Moreover, because we have a strong Catholic faith we paid visit to several Ancient Churches that maintains its historical heritage. On top of that, the modern San Pedro Calungsod Church that is widely known of its impressive unique structure was worth the stop and a best spot to meditate. Exploring the locale was about as good as these travel gets. The trip were geared more towards taking in the "must see" sights, visiting as many places around Cebu as possible..The 4 days trip were merely not enough to explore the Wonders of Cebu. Every encounter ultimately serves as an opportunity to witness the beauty of nature and the people. Little did we know, along the way will be able to meet new interesting people, new friends, new acquaintances who made us feel like we're home. The feeling of like we're carrying our home along with us. Nothing can compare to the hospitality & great personalities of Cebuanos. Getting the chance to sit with the locals was truly priceless. On our 1st day we we're just bouncing from City to City then headed to South the next day to ingest everything & WOW! we we're blown away & mesmerize by its wonder and beauty. A real paradise of its own. It is worthwhile when you see the wonderful sceneries, it was incredibly beautiful! A reason why we couldn't help but grab our phone/cameras to capture those captivating views & surroundings along the way. No such words can explain the joy we felt in our heart, it was just a wonderful feeling inside. Looking through our photos, i was stunned to realize how many place we had been. At times, we use to hear backpackers around us that they've got the feeling of "the trip was so,so" OR "something was missing" OR "they left a feeling a little unsatisfied" But for us???? It was one hell of a fun!! This adventure has had a lasting impact on the way I value the meaningful and exciting trip & that we were able to enjoy life, loose control willingly, to equally free ourselves of labels, & loving the unfamiliar! When you experience like we did in Cebu, it was just sensational! While there are worthy destinations in Philippines, Cebu has a number of special characteristics to make it specially attractive, making it exceedingly safe for backpackers like us to explore. Travelling is an appealing experience. Its an ideal way to leave your current life behind to pursue a more relaxing or adventurous break or to explore a new place. I had a belief that the reason for OR the result of travelling is to open our eyes, to see and discover what is not seen in our daily city life. It feels great especially once you've returned home, scrolling your phone/cameras to view those snapshots & videos of a wonderful experience. Memorable experience can be the eye opening moment in our life where we can learn more about ourselves. This is because usually people do not even know what they are capable of until they have done it. Me, Karl and Beambi were very grateful every single time for the lovely memories, joy and laughter that we will surely cherish for a lifetime..In behalf of my buddies I would like to extend my gratitude to the dread people, DREAD HOUSEJanshit Mack Jpoi Wenceslao Lito and friends in particular back there in Camotes Island.. Emma Grace & Lyndsey of UK for a wonderful night, Manong Joe and Santiago of San Fran for the habal-habal ride. Last but not the least, Of course my buddy loves, Karl babe and Beambi. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to both of you who always stood by me providing a source of love, happiness , unending support and strength. Both of you contributed in some way to making me the more conscious person I'am today. Both of you have been and continue to be the pillars of my life. Charot! Lol..But, Serously, I can't wait for the amazing things still awaits us on our bucket list guys! LOVE YOU from the bottom of my heart! smile emoticon May God continue to bless us more everyday!