Majorda Beach, Goa


Majorda Beach, Goa

Photo of Majorda Beach, Goa by Jeetendra Kush

The starting point of the main stretch of Southern Beaches of Goa, location of the most exclusive beach resort hotels in Goa and India tourism.

Located in Salcete, Majorda is one of the smaller developed beaches of Goa, albeit the whole area possesses a lot of character, with small fishing villages scattered around palm groves.

This South Goa beach area is the site of three spacious deluxe Goa hotel resorts, quite popular with those on a Goa holiday package tour. To its north are two other small beaches; Arossim, which is its deserted northern end, and Utorda, ten minutes walk further north.

The resorts, along with the lack of any typically cheap Goa accommodation make the area relatively exclusive. For more action, you could hop onto one of the most loved beaches of Goa, Colva, 5 km south.

The villages in the area are relatively prosperous, partly because many families have men working in the Gulf, and many traditional mansions of wealthy families stand out.

The Kenilworth Beach Resort offers a water sports centre managed by professionals which are open to non-residents too.

Apart from the excellent restaurants at the resorts, there're a few clusters of beach shacks close to the resorts offering a good choice from the cuisine of Goa, India and Europe. Betalbatim has a few good restaurants and beach bars.

Interestingly designed as a pirate ship, Treasures is a popular casino cum disco at Majorda Beach Resort Goa. It's also the only disco in Goa or India from where you can send an Email.

Kenilworth Beach Resort, Goa at Utorda is one of the better luxury Goa resorts.Heritage Village Club (earlier Sita), at Arossim and Majorda Beach Resort on the main beach, are excellent deluxe Goa hotel resorts.

All feature large pools and lush gardens. Nanu Resorts at Betalbatim is a good value partly timeshare Goa hotel.