Pune is a vibrant and culturally rich city with plenty to offer visitors. Here are some things to do in Pune that you may enjoy during your one-month stay: Explore historical landmarks: Pune has a rich history, and there are several historical landmarks worth visiting, such as Shaniwar Wada, Aga Khan Palace, and Sinhagad Fort. Visit spiritual sites: There are numerous temples and ashrams in and around Pune that offer a spiritual experience. Some of the popular ones are Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati Temple, Osho International Meditation Resort, and Chaturshringi Temple. Enjoy nature: Pune has a range of beautiful parks, gardens, and nature reserves, such as Saras Baug, Empress Garden, and the Pune Okayama Friendship Garden. You can also go trekking in the nearby hills or take a day trip to nearby hill stations such as Lonavala and Khandala. Indulge in local cuisine: Pune is famous for its local cuisine, such as the spicy Misal Pav, Vada Pav, and Mastani (a popular milkshake-like drink). Don't miss out on trying these and other local delicacies during your stay. Experience cultural events: Pune is known for its vibrant arts and culture scene, and there are several festivals and events that take place throughout the year. Some popular ones include the Pune International Film Festival, Ganesh Chaturthi, and Sawai Gandharva Bhimsen Mahotsav. Something that you can experience only in Pune is the vibrant culture and history of the Maratha Empire, which once ruled the region. This is reflected in the city's architecture, cuisine, and festivals. Pune also has a large student population, which contributes to its dynamic and youthful vibe.
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