6 Cheap Places to Shop in Pune

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Budget shopping haunts in Pune

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With Mumbai at the forefront, can Pune be left behind as a shopping destination? Not a chance! While the place has seen a number of malls spring up, there are still a number of roads and lanes that endear the locals and tourists to shop there. 

From markets dedicated to local produce, from entire streets filled with imported merchandise and furniture markets that execute the designs of their customers, Pune has it all!

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Go through this list of 6 cheap places to shop in Pune and find yourself going on a shopping frenzy;

1. Across the Border Delights at Hongkong Lane -

Photo of HongKong Lane, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune, Maharashtra, India by Sahida

Most cities in India have a market that deals exclusively in merchandise that come from foreign soil. Near Garware Bridge in Pune, one will find the famous and ever crowded Hongkong Lane. Going by the name itself, one can guess what lies in store here. The place is lined with little shops and stores that sell items that have been imported from the South Asian countries bordering India. Cheap clothing options are what draw much youth here.

From denim to tops and footwear, this place reeks of funky fashion and quirky ensembles. Perfumes, belts, junk jewelry, and cosmetics are a prominent display at many shops here. Brands like Nike and Deisel (to name a few) find a sweet spot HongKong Market, thus making it sit atop this list of 6 cheap places to shop in Pune. Check your account balance and head straight for this market. Great deals and fashionable outfits await you here.

2. Go fresh at Phule Market -

Photo of Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Mandai, Fruit Market Road, Shukrawar Peth, Pune, Maharashtra, India by Sahida
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How about an open air market comprising of more than 500 stalls selling fresh fruit and vegetable produce? With so much competition, prices are low and customers have a great variety to choose from here. This market has been in existence since the British era in India and locals maximize on the opportunity and stock up their kitchens with the produce on sale here.

Imagine the sight of colourful fruits and fresh vegetables all around you. This happens to be a chef’s heaven and a homemakers delight. Local restaurants and hotels source their stuff from this very market. Instead of buying high priced packaged stuff from malls and cold storages, come down to this fresh market and indulge yourself.

3. Fashion Street Living up to the Name -

Photo of Fashion Street, Pune, Maharashtra, India by Sahida

It’s fashion at its best here at Fashion Street. Similar to the one in Mumbai, this entire street is dedicated to clothing and fashion. You will have more options to choose from than ever before. No fashion trend is left out with these stalls catering to all your needs – be it the grunge or gothic look, that 70’s madness or even the latest trends that have taken the fashion world by storm. From belt bottoms to drain pipe jeans, low waist to tank tops, hats and caps to shades and belts, this market has it all. This place will literally bring out the fashionista in you.

A breathtaking four hundred and fifty (450) stalls make up this market. If you are concerned about your budget being low, don’t be! This place offers so much at such reasonable prices. Leaving out Fashion Street from the list of 6 cheap places to shop in Pune would be rather unfair, so here you are. Do pay the place a much-deserved visit.

4. Laxmi Road for all Things Readymade -

Photo of Laxmi Road, New Nana Peth, Pune, Maharashtra, India by Sahida
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Are you looking for good readymade garments? Head to Laxmi Road and be blown away by the rows of shops that provide you with truckloads of options. The road starts at Alka Talkies Square and is lined with shops for around four kilometers and ends near the Cantonment area. From salwar-kameez sets to sarees; from jeans and t-shirts to skirts and blouses, get them all on this road.

Knowing that your will not be able to make up your mind over the variety on offer, go shopping here with an agenda and pick up some very good deals. This is a good place to buy clothing gifts as well and so it has to make it as one of the 6 cheap places to shop in Pune.

5. Meet Your Furniture needs at BajiRao Road -

Photo of Bajirao Road, Sathe Colony, Pune, Maharashtra, India by Sahida

This road caters to one home and furniture needs with most shops dealing in the same. If your home is in need of a wardrobe or storage cabinet or even a bed or dining table, come down to this place and go through the stuff here instead of buying from branded places and paying through your nose. Spanning across Puram Chowk and ending at Shaniwarwada Palace, this place also has a few garment shops to go through and buy.

For those who like to design their own furniture, do so and get one of these shops here to execute for you. Commercial furniture is also sold here at unbelievable prices, making this place yet another one of the 6 cheap places to shop in Pune.

6. Old is Definitely Gold at Juna Bazar -

Photo of Juna Bazar, Pune, Maharashtra, India by Sahida
Image credits: Saran

The locals refer to this place as ‘Old Market’ and the precise reason behind this tag is that when one doesn’t know where to shop, they end up here. From hardware tools to fancy yet delicate pieces of jewelry,; from clothes to shoes and cosmetics, get them here. If you are into collecting old coins, this might just be the right place for you to go shopping and enhance that collection.

This place stocks stuff that any might consider junk but to those who know the value of the items, it can be a prized catch. This market is operational every Wednesday and Sunday on the road leading to Vir Santaji Ghorpade Path.

There you have it; a list of some of the cheapest places to shop at in Pune. Be it a festival or just a normal shopping crave, get the best these markets that have been serving the people of Pune for decades. Your shopping experience at any one of these places will leave you happy with your purchase and not affect your purse that much.

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