Hi Amit! The best time to take a roadtrip to Ladakh is from June till September. During the summer, all roads and passes leading to Leh Ladakh are open and unrestricted, making your travel easier. The most popular place to start a self drive trip to Ladakh is Delhi. So, you can consider taking a flight till Delhi and from there, driving to Leh. If you start from Delhi, it will take you 3-4 days to reach Leh. You can check out these trips for more information and details on taking a road trip to Ladakh.
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Thanks Aakanksha
So simple... just use Google map and go to ladakh via Manali and come back via Srinagar...
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I would rather suggest otherwise ...Reach Ladakha via Srinagar, sonmarg, and come back via Manali.. As if you travel from srinagar, altitude changes are gradual and thus one can better control AMS syndrome...
Hi Amit, I suggest you to travel in white board plate bike as yellow board has restrictions in Leh Ladakh & you cannot take your bike everywhere. 1. Delhi - Srinagar - Leh - Manali 2. Delhi - Manali - Leh - Srinagar You need to take permits After Leh you have to take inline permit for each place, in single permit you have to mention all places you want to visit Rothang Pass permit you can apply through online but you have to take hard copy for sure & it is a bit hard
Summary for Road trip to Leh. ( Best time to travel will be June-oct) Mumbai -> Jodhpur -> Amritsar -> Srinagar->Sonmarg->Kargil->Leh ladakh-> sightseeing places: Pangong lake-> Nubra Valley-> shy hemis thiksy, leh market etc. if you wish you may come back via Manali ( Himachal ) or you may chose the same track back home. if you wish more details itinerary feel free to ping us. cons: ALTITUDE SIKNESS (symtoms, sever headace,nausia etc)