Why Not Be in Digha This Summer?


Digha is a small seaside town on the shores of Bay of Bengal. Situated at a convenient distance from Kolkata, you can plan a quick weekend trip to it's beautiful beaches to refresh your mind, body and spirit.

Though it's a popular holiday destination for Bengalis and Kolkata residents, few people outside Bengal are familiar with Digha. Unlike Puri, Pondicherry or Kovalam, Digha doesn't enjoy country-wide popularity among travelers. You can say it's one of Bengal's best kept tourism secrets.

With it's golden sandy beaches, glorious sunny weather, and a host of facilities for comfortable and affordable stay, Digha can easily give other seaside towns a run for their money.

However, the trick is to know where to stay and what to avoid. So this is a ready reckoner for tourists:


Opt for Old Digha beaches for stay and for bathing. Those are far more beautiful and secluded than the commercialized, over-crowded New Digha beaches.

Plan your visit in the non-peak season...that is, when schools are open and the whole of Bengal hasn't descended there.

Stay at the older and renowned hotels of old Digha that offer good food, lovely sea facing rooms, and comfortable stay.

Swim and bathe only at safe beaches. Follow instructions and keep yourself safe. No use challenging the might of the sea.


Venture deep into the sea during high tide. The sea is extremely unpredictable and can literally sweep you off your feet when in high tide.

Become too adventurous and try the fried fish at the roadside stalls. It may land you up in bed with an upset stomach.

Buy everything you see in the shops dotting the New Digha beaches. You can get far better stuff in local markets in Kolkata.

The state administration has further beautified the lovely beaches of Digha, and has added several amenities for tourists. Now the marbled and convenient ramps surrounding the beaches offer excellent views and comfortable walks along the seaside. Well lit beaches can be visited even in the evenings. (Do be prepared for un-warned power-cuts though).

So plan a trip to this beautiful, little hamlet and charge up your mind and body. You can also club a Digha vacation with a visit to the neighboring beaches of Tajpur, Shankarpur and Mandarmani.