Dubai.........Man Made Miracle


Dubai is a man-made miracle on earth. If it is not in your travel list till now, trust me give it a shot, I am sure it will amaze you.

Dubai is the epitome of shopping, excitement, tradition, food, fun, peace and luxury and it fits into the pocket of each type of traveller. Despite being a travel freak, Dubai was not in my list, but thanks to easy accessibility and good deal I landed there in cool month of December. And it was my luck that I got the chance to see such a beautiful city. Cool breeze, smiling faces and quite familiar language welcomed me.

After checking in the hotel, I started exploring the streets of Dubai and while doing so I felt the essence of local cultural, food and its amalgamation with modernization. Next stops were some giant malls which were surprisingly connect with metro services Day two was ready to amaze me more with a miracle in desert also known as "Miracle Garden". Situated quite far from main city and not in top ten to do tourist spots in Dubai , was a pleasant surprise with thousands of colourful flowers. In the morning, I had seen the result of the sheer hard work but in the night, I was ready to witness the success of mankind by visiting world's tallest building Burj Khalifa. I was truly mesmerized................Well, capturing those wonderful moments in small DSLR I was ready to go to sleep because next day was waiting for me for my most preferred task on a trip shopping...............

Shopping and Dubai, these two words are inseparable and Souk are the perfect place for this. Gold souk was actually a visual treat for shopaholic like me and you will understand the meaning of window shopping, very well here. Not just gold, masalas, artefacts, curios, clothes everything attracts you. After spending hours in shopping I was ready for adventurous tour to Sand dunes and to take a trilling ride on a jeep safari. After a trilling jeep ride witnessing a quite sun set in sand dunes of Dubai and enjoying the local food and traditional dance was a wonderful experience. And while I was waving my good bye to setting sun I made a promise to Dubai to come back again to discover more about this middle east mega city.

So if you are ready to see a miracle just pack your bags fill your pockets and fly to Dubai..........bon voyage .......

Best time to Visit: November to February

Food : Anything depending your choice.

How to reach: Best way via Air.

Where to Stay: Huge choices are available depending on your budget.

Shopping: As much as you can and afford !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But Gold, Dry Fruits, Date and Masalas are highly recommended.

Travel Tip: Book your hotels in advance and some places accept Indian currency.

Photo of Dubai.........Man Made Miracle 1/7 by Snehal
Photo of Dubai.........Man Made Miracle 2/7 by Snehal
Photo of Dubai.........Man Made Miracle 3/7 by Snehal
Photo of Dubai.........Man Made Miracle 4/7 by Snehal
Photo of Dubai.........Man Made Miracle 5/7 by Snehal
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Photo of Dubai.........Man Made Miracle 7/7 by Snehal