Lonely Ranger

A passionate and adventorous person has lived more than 20years in Kanha National Park and other parks in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh during my childhood . I have walked in sanctuaries, did entered on bike in core jungle areas, loves and uses only Gypsy in jungles because of less polution and noise. I am result oriented person and not interested in other gossips where people are saying or doing things to show off.
I am practical person. I have a dream of opening an resort in Kanha National Park outside buffer zone, then one in Tadoba, one in Pench and so many in order to cater people those who really want to enjoy pure wildlife normal and above average experiences. I am more comfortable with the westerners as they mean wildlife and respects and enjoys every moment. I have already taken land in Kanha, Karanja and now in progress of third one in Pench. I am not blowing my own trumpet but actually I am looking for people those who are dead serious in wildlife and travelling. Any one male / female seriously interested in wildlife in India then please get in touch with me at sarkaart@yahoo.com
More can be discussed in details , I can share more pictures, more real life true stories etc etc. Anyone interested in travelling to Dubai do let me know I am living here past 27years your dreams can come true when you will see Dubai through my eyes.