Fantastic Four Beach Shacks of Goa That Rekindles Your Senses


India's premier hotspot, Goa is quite an expensive destination that teams with lavish retreats for visitors. However, there is no dearth of budget lodging options like beach shacks for shoestring visitors booking flights tickets to the destination.

Goa is one destination in India that has long been a Mecca for backpackers and shoestring visitors who book air travel tickets on flights landing in the country. Though Goa is mostly defined by its luxurious extremes, the sheer abundance of reasonably priced dining and accommodation options for the budget travelers available at the destination must not go unmentioned.

With the huge influx of backpackers and shoestring visitors, it is hardly surprising why the budget lodging options of the destinations are fast gaining prominence over the over the lavish properties. And when it comes to flexibility, privacy, and great value for money, nothing can beat Goan beach shacks. Quite unsurprisingly, these shacks are often found teeming with guests. Here's a little smattering on just four such shacks that have hugely been responsible for increasing the demand for cheap flights tickets deals for air travel to India.


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Sitting on the golden sands of Cola beach, Dwarka unfolds itself as a small world away from the world. Dwarka features ten stunning and medieval thatched cottages fitted with contemporary interiors! Beautifully perched along palm groves accentuating the golden sands, these cottages are set all around a fresh water lagoon overlooking the Arabian Sea. Even a short term spell in Dwarka is sure to become an unforgettable experience that is sure to remain etched in the memories of air travelers buying flights tickets to visit India.

Palm Grove:

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Palm Grove is perhaps one of the best bets for India bound budget tourists seeking reasonably cheap accommodations in an expensive hotspot like Goa. With 7 six exclusively done huts that feature king size beds, spacious porches, and comfortable hammocks, the property makes it easy for travelers to experience comfortable stays in Goa without spending an arm and a leg. Besides, its dazzling location overlooking the Arabian Sea gives it a winning edge over some of the most lavish properties in Goa.

Blue Corner:

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For shoestring travelers buying tickets on flights for air travel to India nothing could be more blissful than a stay at Blue Corner. Sitting on the golden sands of Benaulim beach, Blue Corner features 12 decorated and well-kept huts to ensure comfy stays for its guests. Overlooking the azure Arabian Ocean, the property remains a hit with air travelers booking tickets on cheap flights to experience peerless Goon hospitality and charms without squandering their pockets.

Goa Packages Dreamcatcher:

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Located at Palolem beach, Dreamcatcher is perhaps every budget soul's dream accommodation! With a multitude of cottages, each fitted with all the possible mod and cons, the property makes it easy for travelers to take their pick! Besides its exquisite cottages, tantalizing cuisines, yoga classes, and Reiki treatments make for wonderfully blissful memories for visitors who look for tickets on cheap flights for air travel to India.

What are you waiting for? Prepare your itinerary. Start booking tickets and reach your dream location and enjoy the bustling markets, happening parties, lip-smacking food and of course, picturesque beaches.