What makes Italy and India much alike?

5th Sep 2016

Only few years ago, India got Pizza outlets in market available for Mass. And then to Indians, Italy outlines Pizza, beating ‘Ferrari-Lamborghini-Columbus-Marco polo- Gladiator’ factors for Italy! Likewise for Italians (also many other countries) India is Overflowing-Spicy bowls-Taj Mahal. In spite of the shortfall in knowing each other, I sense homogeneity between these two countries who are 7000 km apart.

Look at the names- both starts with ‘I’. Not only that, they both consist of 5 letters!

Both the country flags contain similar (almost) tri-color!

When I landed in Roma Capitale, the first thing spotted was the easygoing conversations among people who met each other few seconds ago. I got into an Airport taxi and the taxi driver started talking including some questions that can be tagged as ‘personal’. However I didn’t really dislike that, rather enjoyed the way he was trying to keep the conversation going in broken English. Hand gestures did the rest. After passing half way on the road, he suddenly heaved a heavy book at me. Italian written that volume, looked like an address book. With his hand wag and little English words I realized he wanted me identify the address I am intending to reach. Quite funny isn’t it! Not sure how he got so much confidence in me, but eventually I could get the trick to find the address in there and pointed the page with my destination address to him. He nodded head expressing his consent! These analogous events happen in India too, except the fact that in India taxi drivers hardly speak English.

Photo of What makes Italy and India much alike? 1/1 by Soma Dey

On my first day at work, my clients whom I just got introduced few minutes back, asked my age! It might be awkward for many countries, but being in Indian I could relate. What I distinguish in Italy is when they knew my age was “30”ish, they said ‘il bebè’ (The baby). That indeed made my day!

Once I was travelling on the public transport (bus). Curving on the hilly alleys of Rome was a lovely experience. One such trip over narrow hilly-alleys, I felt the bus was quite stuck-immovable for some time, more than a usual traffic light causes. Prying into the matter, I learnt that a taxi was parked incorrectly and the Bus couldn’t go through. My Indians friends probably can get on well with such occurring in everyday life over jam-packed Indian road. Within few minutes taxi driver came and moved his taxi. The whole situation caused a bit inconvenience but the good part is that it didn’t provoke any noise. Such incident in India would have created a crowded mess with honks, up-roar and what not!

On the other day I was on another Bus towards Vatican City. To my surprise the bus was stuffed. With 30 degree of temperature, choke-full bus, people running over feet, reminded me of India and public transports.

Cuisine finally! Well here is nothing much common however both countries produce numerous cuisines with sublime tastes. In India by the way, if you ask anyone about favorite international cuisine, the often heard answer is “Chinese”! 95% time their comments are based on their experience on Indian-made-Chinese-preparations, which is poles apart, heavily customized. Similar episode with Pizza. I was part of that 95% bunch until I established my bonafides on this matter in respective countries. My first encounter with Pizza was Napoletana Pizza in Napoli. That heavenly tang of fluffy crust was glorious! If it is replaced by other varieties, mmmmm yet scanty. Whereas Roman pizza is different with crisp-foldable crust. In Rome, I got a special one called Capricciosa pizza, thin-crispy crust with vegetable-egg-meat toppings. Quite special even though Napoletana is the showstopper. Back in India, the Pizza corners are customized to suit the spicy tongues.

And you know what is the rhythmic harmony between the two lovely countries Italy and India! Capitale of Italy is Roma and you are reading the blog written by Soma (the author)! That is precise isn’t it?