Unseen Frankfurt #GoLocal #HiddenGem #weekendWorthy

3rd Jan 2020
Photo of Unseen Frankfurt #GoLocal #HiddenGem #weekendWorthy by pranav

Frankfurt is said to be financial capital of germany and handles most of the businesses from the west europe. But, for tourists, it is a different level of experience. If you have travelled in any city of europe, you will find old architecture, street markets and local food on the go along with museums or either new buildings. Frankfurt is different from those cities.

Frankfurt has a package of both old as well new architecture.

I started my day in Frankfurt from Hauptbahnhof which is a central train station of Frankfurt. As name suggest, it has a massive big building with architecture from 1800 century which is burned down, resconstructed and still preserved in good shape. Alongside to that train station you will come on to a street full of shops.

When you walk around in that lane, you will end up coming to a different era. Willy-Platz is an area where you will find a lot of sky scrappers and tall buildings. One highlight of Willy Platz is Euro Sign.

Going ahead to willy platz, you will reach into market and you can eat some prominent dishes of germany there.

Just outside that market is riverfront. That is a place one must go and sit. I sat there for about 1 hour and it was so soothing.

Check the time, If its around 4 Pm, then head towards Konstablerwache. It is a central shopping bay where you will find all sorts of brands for clothing, shoes, electronics and also famous food joints.

You can enjoy there till evening. In the night go to street clubs or sit in a open road bar to relax.

This is how Frankfurt makes you feel chanted.