Travel Goa like never before - South Goa

26th Oct 2018
Photo of Travel Goa like never before - South Goa by Grapple Studios

Goa, the party destination or weekend getaway , THE place for having a bachelor's or bachelorette. The best time to go to Goa is the October to November months as the weather is cooler than the rest of the year and its said to be the off-season so the tariffs are also budget friendly.

We took a bus from Mumbai , which was a 10 hour overnight journey. Getting on the bus at 7 pm in for a long tiring ride. The bus journey was not exactly comfortable though as we got a seater bus without A/c . The main point of travelling in budget is that we need to save money wherever possible.

Bus ticket cost - Rs. 700/- per head

Day 1

Next morning we reached Mapusa Bus stand at 10:30 am. There are auto-rickshaws available from the bus stop . We reached our hotel which was a pretty decent stay near the Anjuna beach. The best part was, it was an airbnb house that belonged to our friend, so it was free for us. Ps. - Find friends who own a villa in Goa.

Auto from bus stop to Hotel - Rs. 300/-

Stay for 3 days - Casa San Antonio , Cost - Free

Bike per day without petrol - Rs. 250/-

After freshening up we rented a bike from a nearby shop for the rest of the 4 days. It is the best and the most popular option for a customized travel. Also cars sometimes get stuck in traffic for hours due to the roads being narrow, so always rent a bike for a cheaper price than cars.

Heading on the cover the best beaches Goa has we decided to segregate our trip into two parts. Exploring the north Goa beaches first and then the South beaches as they take atleast an hour to reach from where we were staying. Having had our breakfast done from a cafe nearby named 'Oasis' which served us amazing english breakfast, we started our beach-hopping.

Parra , Goa

By noon we hopped on our bike and went all the way to Colva Beach (South Goa) . Going up and down the terrains and crossing the highway we reached our first destination. Less crowds, silent beach, relaxing shacks with finger food and clean beach. It was amazing how blue the water looked and how white the sand felt. Its a must visit beach for people seeking less crowded beaches . Having had lunch on one of the shacks we went on to the another beach nearby.

Colva beach, South Goa

Moving on to the next beach which was 15 mins from Colva beach was the next beach which was Benaulim beach . Another one of the silent and quiet beach but beautiful clean water. Best part is its away from all the hustle-bustle of the crowds and generally you will find foreigners relaxing on the beaches. The food is a little expensive in these shacks because of the same reason.

Benaulim Beach, South Goa

After a long day of getting severely sunburned we went back to Vagator beach for dinner. Finding this restaurant named 'Thalassa' which is quite a famous restaurant here, where we went on for some delicious Pork ribs and fries. The restaurant being popular was of course loud and crowded but the food was great. It is a little expensive though but the ambience was worth-it.