Length and Breadth of Gujrat in 4 days!

12th Jan 2017

The Beauty that Devours you!

Day 1: Fly early morning from Bangalore to Ahmedabad,by the time we headed out to explore the city was around 10AM, we went straight to Lothal, the place to be if you love to understand our Indus Valley Civilisation- the remains are aptly treasured , old well,drainage system,kitchen,dried up lake which used to be a trade port and rain water harvesting and many more. Lothal is around 60kms from Ahmedabad and its a surely a place that you would admire for the sensible town planning of those ages.We were back to ahmedabad around 2PM and headed straight to the much recommended place by my dear friend "gordhan thaal" for a good gujrati meals.Later in the evening we visited Sabarmati Ashram, the most well maintained ashram and Kite festival and the mela.

Day 2:After Breakfast, headed straight to Bhuj which was around 6 hrs drive from Ahmedabad- we stayed the night at Ryan Resort where the accomodation are in traditional kutch styled huts. Later in the evening we explored nearby Aaina Mahal , prag mahal and Bhujodi village nearby for the colourful handicrafts shopping.

Day 3: This morning was our much awaited trip to White Dessert Festival at Rann of Kutch. Buj to Dhordo is about 1.5hrs drive and another 30 mins extra if you need permission pass to enter kutch(if you have booked stay at white desert festival- the pass comes along with bookings made ). we stayed at the tents in the middle of barren desserts and it was our first experience. Rann Utsav is govt organised festival to promote White Dessert, the food and the stay were beyond brilliant. we went to the white dessert for sun set and the beauty is beyond what i can describe here.

Day 4: after a traditional kutch breakfast, we once again headed to rann of kutch and spent few hours in the middle of dessert before we headed back to ahmedabad, the drive to ahmedabad was a good 8 hrs and off we were to Bangalore on a late night flight.

what we liked : Veg food all around

what we disliked: People just dont follow traffic rules which is saddening to see even in main city areas .

Must Visit: Gordhan Thaal- Ahmedabad, Lothal and Bhujodi Village.

Can skip: Lucky tea stall, we visited lucky tea stall on our way back on day 4 . The Bun muska and tea sitting with the dead is slightly overhyped .