A solo trip to Agra

21st Oct 2019
Photo of A solo trip to Agra by Mukul Srivastava

In the month of October, I just came down from Nanital trip and was looking for a trip to historical places like forts and monuments.

I could not travel too far because I was low in my budget. So the best place came into my mind was Agra as it is just 225 Kms from Bareilly.

As it was a budget trip so there was not any kind of reservations.

I took an overnight passenger train from Bareilly which cost me 55/- INR only.

I reached Agra Fort Railway station in the morning at 8AM. When I landed my foot out of the train I saw a beautiful railway station situated between Agra Fort and Jama Masjid.

Both the buildings was clearly visible from the platform. One is at your left side and another at your right side.

I moved out from the station and walked few KMs beside Agra fort wall.

The plan was to check in into a decent hotel.

So I took a shared auto rickshaw and reached at Taj Nagri. I chose this location due to two reasons, one is that you can easily find number of decent hotels in this locality and another reason is that it was almost near to both Taj Mahal and Agra Fort.

After throwing my luggage in the hotel room I moved to explore this city of love.

As per my bucket list, first thing was Agra fort.

I got a shared auto rickshaw from my hotel to Agra fort which cost me 15/- Only.

The structure of this fort is vast enough too see from a distant road.

Entry ticket was 35/- INR only.

When I entered from very first gate, I saw its architecture and it was just amazing. How beautiful it was built.

Photo of A solo trip to Agra 1/6 by Mukul Srivastava
Photo of A solo trip to Agra 2/6 by Mukul Srivastava

Fort has many historical sites which seems very interesting.

The view of Taj Mahal from the balcony of the fort was breathtaking.

It took me around 3 hours to explore the complete fort. I wish I could stay a little more there.

After Agra fort I walked to Jama masjid which is just at walking distance from here.

The Jama Masjid is built mainly of red sandstone and white marble that stand as a testimony to the magnificent Mughal architecture.

It was indeed a peaceful place to sit for a while.

Nearby Jama Masjid, It is a market where you can find attractive shops of clay pots and craft accessories.

Tomb of I'timād-ud-Daulah:

Just 3 km from Jama Masjid another place was waiting for me.

Tomb of I'timād-ud-Daulah is a Mughal mausoleum. Often described as a "jewel box", sometimes called the "Baby Taj", the tomb of I'timād-ud-Daulah is often regarded as a draft of the Taj Mahal. Along with the main building, the structure consists of numerous outbuildings and gardens.

Entry ticket was just 20/- INR.

Photo of A solo trip to Agra 3/6 by Mukul Srivastava

It was a small but attractive and peaceful location beside the River Yamuna.

I spent near about 2 hours sitting there and looking towards Yamuna.

My next destination was Mehtab bagh which is just 2.5 KMs away from tomb of I'timād-ud-Daulah.

It is famous for the View of Taj Mahal and beautiful sunset.

I was already late because the ticket counter closes at 5 PM.

But luckily, I got tickets before closing.

First thing which I have done after entering into the garden was to run towards the place from where we can see The Taj.

Believe me It was too beautiful. I just kept looking at it.

From the same place I experienced the beautiful sunset along with beautiful Taj.

After sunset, I sat under a tree for a while.

The chirping of birds was filtering the mind. It was so relaxing atmosphere.

I was not in the mood to leave this place. But unfortunately, ahh it was already 6PM, the closing time of the garden .

Now It was dark and I decided to walk into the main Market of Agra. So I booked a cab and reached to Sadar Bazar.

Honestly, It was just an ordinary market you can find in any city.

Two things which are famous in this market are Chaat gali and Original Panchi Petha shop.

Chaat gali is full with vendors of tasty street food.

You will find Panchi Petha shop everywhere in Agra. But the original shop is located in this market.

So after leaving from this market, I completed my day 1 in Agra.

Let's see what is there in day 2.

So finally, It was the day when I was going to see tha Taj. I was excited enough to wake up early in the morning.

I left the hotel at 5:30 AM and booked a cab to Taj Mahal entry gate.

It was still dark, and the road lights on the way to Taj Mahal gate from Parking was extremely beautiful. If you are coming anytime of the day you are going to miss this beauty.

Entry tickets was worth 250/- INR only.

The good thing was that, there were only few tourists at that time and most of them was foreigners.

So benefit to come at 6 AM is that you are not going to face rush.

after a tight security check, I entered into the gates.

Photo of A solo trip to Agra 4/6 by Mukul Srivastava

When I saw the Taj Mahal from my eyes I was just amazed. I was just looking standing at one place. It was absolutely beautiful. Even I can't describe in words.

Photo of A solo trip to Agra 5/6 by Mukul Srivastava

Earlier I estimated 3 hours visit here. But It took me 5 hours to stare at Taj Mahal from every angle.

Even when I was leaving I was turning again and again towards the Taj.

I will surely come this place again.

At 15 KMs from city centre, a place named Sikandara has a Tomb of Akbar the great.

You can easily find a public transport to this place.

The architecture of this place was quite good.

It was surrounded by large beautiful gardens from all sides.

Only disappointing thing was that this place just remained a local couple spot more than a historical monument.

Photo of A solo trip to Agra 6/6 by Mukul Srivastava

I sat for 1 hour in a peaceful environment and then left the place with a fine smile.

With this, I completed my Agra trip successfully.

It was a very wonderful experience to travel solo in Agra. I learned too many things.

It made me more calm. It gave me enough peace.

The City of love is indeed beautiful.

I was not a big Architecture fan but after this trip I am in love with architectures. I will definitely continue my trips to Forts and Monuments.

Thank you for reading this.