Khabru Waterfall - highest waterfall in Himachal

Photo of Khabru Waterfall - highest waterfall in Himachal by Juhi Saxena

Himachal Pradesh

Winter is just about to bid you adieu. In this mellow weather, why not plan for some exciting trip! Well, one of the richest hotspots that can be visited during the end of winter is Himachal Pradesh. If you are one of those travelers who seek solace, nothing can be a better retreat than Himachal Pradesh.So, pack your bags, take enough warm clothes and start a journey toward Himachal Pradesh!The breathtaking natural beauty of the Himachal is worth noticing. The Dharamshala there are sure to make you droop down and bend to surrender to God. How can you miss out the Khabru Waterfall the highest waterfall in Himachal Pradesh! Lets take a quick look at the magnificence of Khabru Waterfall in details.

The Khabru Waterfall

When you are at the lap of Boh Valley, you can never miss out the Khabru Waterfall. The waterfall is nestled in between the dense forest and amid the lush green hills. Being located at the Kangra district, the Khabru Waterfall is like something out of a fairy tale. From the regular hustle-bustle of the heavy traffic, Khabru Waterfall is a real solace.If you walk or trek from the Boh Village to the Khabru Waterfall, it will take you six kilometers. Once you have reached the top of the waterfall, you will notice the gradual change that nature has been going through. Youngsters are very enthusiastic about trekking in the Khabru Waterfalls. The mesmerizing water ripples and flows from a height of almost 50 feet.The waterfall is surrounded by rich and dense flora and fauna. It can be a wonderful place for biodiversity reserve. However, not many know about the Khabru Waterfall and the mystic beauty that this place carries. The natural flowing spring water is in abundance running down the valley. On one side, there is the natural chilly water of the Khabru Waterfall and the other side is filled with the greenery of the valley.The villagers of the Boh village mostly depend on agriculture as there is no shortage of water there. The area has good transport connection. Also, road connectivity is pretty sound. However, it is recommended that you avoid visiting Boh village and the Khabru Waterfall during the monsoons because of heavy landslides More

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