Palampur of Himachal is a real Paradise

Photo of Palampur of Himachal is a real Paradise 1/12 by Abhay Banthia

I took an HRTC bus from New Shimla ISBT for Palampur. The bus left the station at 9 PM. Make sure that you have booked your tickets in advance so as to get a seat as there is only one bus to Palampur in the night.

Photo of Palampur of Himachal is a real Paradise 2/12 by Abhay Banthia
Photo of Palampur of Himachal is a real Paradise 3/12 by Abhay Banthia

So, if by any chance you have not booked yourself a seat, you might end up traveling by standing. Believe me, it’s was very difficult to seat that long hours and how tough it would be to stand, you can imagine now.

I booked my tickets early in the morning from the New ISBT Shimla to be on a safer side.

The journey was a hectic one because of the overcrowded bus but it has its own experience. Even though having a window seat, I was squeezed between the people standing in front of me There are only 2 buses for Palampur.

One in the morning and other in the night. It started at 9pm and reaches Palampur at 5.30 AM the other day.

Photo of Palampur of Himachal is a real Paradise 4/12 by Abhay Banthia

There are three major stops of the bus in this route. Our bus first reached Solan at 10:15 PM. Many people have their dinner at a hotel in Solan. I didn’t have my dinner at that hotel as I already filled my stomach with my snacks during traveling so I enjoyed India-Sri Lanka match in the same hotel.

I Reached Mandi at 2 am which was our second stop. We were given a break to eat from the roadside Dhaba in Mandi. The food was great to have. I had my dinner at 2am in Mandi and then headed towards Palampur.

Baijnath was our third stop. The bus only halted for 5 mins at Baijnath at 4:30 AM and again headed towards Palampur.

I reached Palampur bus station with a beautiful view of mountains capped with snow early in the morning. It was quite cold in the morning but was bearable.

Photo of Palampur of Himachal is a real Paradise 5/12 by Abhay Banthia

I visited the inquiry office in the ISBT to get the information of the bus for my journey the next day to Bir. I took the information and then find myself a taxi which could take me to Jerry’s Jungle Hut. I asked the taxi driver to drop me near Jerry’s Jungle Hut. He agreed to drop me for a fare of Rs. 250. I bargained it to Rs. 200 and he was ready to go with this.

I took the taxi for Chimbalhar which is near to Bindravan (approx 5kms). The taxi driver dropped me by the side of the Neuggal river near Chimbalhar Bust stand.

From here, I have to walk towards the resort as there is no road to the resort.

Now reaching the place what I saw was amazing. I could see the Jerry’s Jungle Hut a kilometer away from me.

Photo of Palampur of Himachal is a real Paradise 6/12 by Abhay Banthia

To reach the resort, I have to cross Neuggal river and then walk upwards. The distance of the resort from the main road is approx. 750mts but not a plain area to walk.

Reaching the resort was itself a thrilling adventure. The water of the river was clean and very cold.

Photo of Palampur of Himachal is a real Paradise 7/12 by Abhay Banthia

After reaching the resort, the first thing I had was breakfast. I was served spicy “aloo ka Parantha along with a sandwich and a cup of tea.

Photo of Palampur of Himachal is a real Paradise 8/12 by Abhay Banthia

After having the breakfast, I moved towards my room where I took bath and was ready for the adventure.

I took a small trek back side the resort. The name of the village was Rajnali which is situated above from the resort. It took me around 45 minutes to reach the top of the village. 

Photo of Palampur of Himachal is a real Paradise 9/12 by Abhay Banthia

The trek was full of Pine trees and rocks. From the above, I captured the beautiful landscape surrounding the resort and also took an aerial view of the resort.

After relaxing at the top for a while, I started to descend from the village. It only took me 25 minutes to reach the ground.

After reaching the Resort, I again moved towards the paddy fields around the resort to see the farming is done by the villagers.

Photo of Palampur of Himachal is a real Paradise 10/12 by Abhay Banthia

I was tired after the trek, So I decided to take some rest.

In the afternoon, I started shooting the beautiful resort.

After shooting I went to the dining hall for the Lunch. I also visited the kitchen where the food was cooked. I came to know that the vegetable was grown inside the resort all organically. Fresh vegetable and salad from the locally grown Palampur.

I then move towards the Palampur’s Bundla Tea estate and also visited the very famous Neuggal Café.

After completing the shoot of the resort, In the evening I moved downwards towards the Neuggal river to enjoy the cold water.

I also tried my hands in fishing, unluckily I didn’t get any but the experience was worth it.

Photo of Palampur of Himachal is a real Paradise 11/12 by Abhay Banthia

After relaxing in the cold water and doing fishing, I again went upside towards the Huts. I rested for an hour and again moved for night shooting of the Resort.

Photo of Palampur of Himachal is a real Paradise 12/12 by Abhay Banthia

I completed my shoot and was ready for the dinner. I had my dinner followed by a conversation with the resort owner.

At 10:30 PM, I Came down to my room from the dining area. Now it’s time to pack my bags for early morning checkout for Bir.

My next destination was Bir Billing to experience the amazing world famous Paragliding site.