Solo Trip to Kasol (Israel of India)

12th Jun 2019
Photo of Solo Trip to Kasol (Israel of India) by Akshat Bansal

Give me a chance to reveal to you the main two thoughts I have in the wake of returning from Kasol – Tosh – Kheerganga trek was not clicking numerous photos and returning. The plan of going to Kasol on a solo trip was an unexpected plan on 11th June 2018. I quickly reserved the tickets from ISBT Kashmiri Gate to Manikaran through the Himachal roadways website. The transport was Himgaurav 2*2 AC with the departure time of 20:26 costs around INR 1200. The bus was fine however very less comfortable contrasted with Volvo or Scania busses that cost around INR1600 till Bhuntar (30km before Kasol). I would propose to go till Bhuntar through Volvo or Scania transport and hire the common taxi from Bhuntar to Kasol. The taxi (Tata Sumo – 8 individuals) will cost you around INR1200-1500. The journey from Delhi to Kasol would be near 15 hours. Since the greater part of the journey through bus will be in the night, one won't feel tired subsequent to coming to Kasol. The minute one gets up toward the beginning of the day, the mountains will invite you with astounding views and stream close by.

Photo of Solo Trip to Kasol (Israel of India) 1/6 by Akshat Bansal
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Get down from the bus/cab at Kasol Market. Busses usually drop you at Kasol around 12 early afternoons. Wander around and get spruce up in some cafes in the market for a couple of hours. I propose not to stay in Kasol rather trek to Choj village, or stroll out toward Manikaran till Choj Bridge. You will get an ample amount of Hostels and Hotels with private rooms, dorms, and tents at truly sensible rates. There are plenty of inns in Choj, for example, Highland, Nomad, Hosteller, Shanti Café and many more. One can party throughout the night with boisterous music or one can join parties in close by hostels as well. Remain in Choj for 2 to 4 days depending on your calendar. One can trek till Manikaran and take blessing in the gurudwara. One can unwind in the natural hot water spring too. Having the langar cooked in hot water spring is completely prescribed. Appreciate the cafes and shop in Kasol in the evening till late at night. Get a few beverages and chill around the Kasol market connect toward Chalal trek. Simply sit by the Parvati Valley and appreciate the occasion. Appreciate the straightforward trek toward Chalal Village of 30 minutes and appreciate the time in Sim Sin Café in Chalal with a Pitbull to go with you in the event that you are a solo traveler.


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Tosh is an exceptionally small town around 20 km from Kasol. Not many individuals know about this excellent town. There are two different ways to reach Tosh from Kasol. Either take a bus from Kasol till Barshaini and after that take a local cab to Tosh or take a local cab from Kasol to Tosh that costs around INR1200. Walk for around 10 min and settle in Boom Shiva Café or Pinki Didi cafe for valuing the excellence of the Tosh town with 360 degrees view. Simply set the extravagances aside and one can have every one of the necessities to remain comfortable. One can't complain about not having extravagances when one can appreciate the astonishing view throughout the day and stargaze in the night on the off chance that you are fortunate with a clear sky. Trek to adjacent regions for 2-3 hours to the different waterfall as an arrangement of Kheerganga Trek.


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Kheerganga trek begins from Barshaini and is around 12km long. Depending on the individual, one can finish the trek in 3 hours and one may achieve the top in 6-7 hours. I propose in the event that you are in huge gatherings, make a little gathering of 2-3 individuals and trek together. Some will trek quicker and some will take more breaks and appreciate the delightful views. There are 3 routes to reach Kheerganga. One is the Jungle trek which isn't intense and another route is through the village. Both of these routes are of the same distance. One can achieve top of Kheerganga from the Jungle course and come back from the Village course. Another route is trek straightforwardly from Tosh which joins the Jungle course in the middle. Very few individuals know about the trekking course from Tosh and the dominant part of the trekkers begin their trek from Barshaini.

Try not to about the stay in Kheerganga. One can reach the top and book camps effectively. There are many campgrounds at entirely reasonable rates. One should begin the trek in the early morning as its hard to trek during downpours. Reach the highest point of Kheerganga and book the camps according to your necessities and freshen up in the hot water spring to loosen up your body. In the event that you have your very own tent, I propose not to set up your tent at some far area. Set up your tent close to other campgrounds and enjoy with different explorers in the night around the blaze. Try not to miss the sunrise in the morning on the off chance that you are fortunate enough with clear skies.

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