Being Nomad again for the Kareri Lake #TheFirstOne

16th Feb 2020
Photo of Being Nomad again for the Kareri Lake #TheFirstOne by Pramit Chanda
Day 1

Took a early morning flight (1:25 a.m) from Calcutta (CCU) to Delhi (DEL). Then, took a cab for Old Delhi Railway Station (DLI) and took a Train at 8:25 a.m for Pathankot. Due to delay over the train journey we reached Pathankot by 9:20 p.m. Afterwards we took a cab for Mcleodganj which cost us about 2250 INR. By, 12 a.m we reached Mcleodganj and stayed at our prebooked hotel (Pawan Guest House) which cost us about 600 INR for one night.

View at our Mcleodganj Hotel

Photo of McLeod Ganj by Pramit Chanda
Day 2

On day two we headed for the starting point of the trek by 9 a.m. The start was from Mcleodganj past the route of dal lake. Over the spot we gathered and started our trek for the Ghera village. The trek was a 7 kms long. Over there in Ghera village the journey through cab was an option to reach the Kareri village, but we choose the trek route of 7 kms more through the hills covered with jungle to reach the Kareri village.
Among such positive vibes and spine chilling cold of 4 degree, we spent our whole night in the tents and had our dinner over there.

On Way to Kareri village from Ghera

Photo of Kareri Lake by Pramit Chanda

Photo Sessions at Kareri Village

Photo of Kareri Lake by Pramit Chanda

Our Breakfast before the start of the Trek

Photo of Kareri Lake by Pramit Chanda
Day 3

At 7 a.m we gathered our stuffs and equipments and headed for the 13 kms long Kareri Lake trek by 8:30 a.m. The trek is really exhausting, however due to heavy snowfall we had to stop near Rioti which was 6 kms away from the lake. Although my partners stopped I tried out the rest of the journey with our trek leader where I found that the bridge at rioti, which is the connecting link for the Kareri Lake is blocked totally due to immense snowfall. Hence the journey ended 5 kms prior reaching the destination.
Me along with my trek leader retured to the base camp and then rested with my partners for the whole night and had our dinner.

At 6 kms from the Kareri Lake

Photo of Kareri Lake by Pramit Chanda

On way to Rioti

Photo of Kareri Lake by Pramit Chanda

At Rioti where I had to end my trek due to immense road blockage due to heavy snowfall

Photo of Kareri Lake by Pramit Chanda
Day 4

We headed back towards Ghera village, and since it was a downhill we reached Ghera by 12 p.m while starting at 8 a.m. from our base came near Rioti. From Ghera we took a cab and reached Mcleodganj which costed us 2000 INR. Upon reaching Mcleodganj the level of exhaustion pumped up and we had a rest for the whole day.

We had to cross this trail while following our trek by stepping over the rocks.

Photo of Kareri Lake by Pramit Chanda
Day 5

We took our bus for Delhi from Mcleodganj at 6:30 p.m. and opted the over night and reached Delhi by 6:30 a.m. on Day 6.

Day 6

We rested at a Hotel near Kashmere gate and took our flight back for CCU at 6:20 p.m. from Indira Gandhi International Airport. Spicejet betrayed us as the flight was changed and also the terminal at the Delhi Airport. We rushed to the other terminal (Terminal 1 to Terminal 3) and caught our flight. Though we reached on time but the flight was delayed. Take off was done by 7:10 p.m and thus we reached back in Calcutta by 9:15 p.m.

Heyyy... Guys this was my full story of the trek...
Hope you may like this.

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