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puspal dhara
Where: Kerid is a volcanic crater lake located in the Iceland's Western Volcanic Zone and northern end of row of crater named as Tjarnarhólar. It is oval in shape , approx 270mtr in length, 170mtr wide and 55mtr depth. Though the depth varies quite obviously. This crater is 3000 years old and is quite younger amongst it's peers.
Devansh Dhar
I also visited Selfoss waterfall but could not reach close to it because the approach road was still closed owing to bad weather conditions. For the first time in my life i saw a waterfall literally flowing upward because the winds were so strong that it was carrying the falling water up ! I got caught up in an unexpected snowfall and had to hike my way through a very bad condition to reach my car. Ahh, the joys of travelling !
We were spending our next two days at Selfoss. Selfoss is the largest town in south Iceland; still it is a peaceful town with varied options for some good restaurants to try. Our entire day was already planned as we had booked a visit to the Langjökull Ice Cave. We had to drive all the way to the Klaki Base Camp. The drive to the base camp was nothing short of an adventure itself with rough roads and a weather which was windy and turning colder the closer we reached to the base camp. When we reached the base camp, we were in for a big surprise. We were just at the foot of the glacier and the wind was at its best. A big SUV was like a matchbox in front of the power of the wind and was shaking continuously. We had to take our gears from the camp which included shoes, complete pullover and pants, and gloves. The temperate near the base camp was freezing cold and luckily we had brought extra pair of jackets. We were then transported into a special purpose vehicle converted to be able to drive on the glacier. Our tour guide gave us some basic information on the Ice tunnel.