5 Offbeat Destinations of India: Let’s take the Road Travelled by…

Photo of 5 Offbeat Destinations of India: Let’s take the Road Travelled by… by Real Desert Man Safari Jaisalmer

Bored with visiting the “most visited”? Planning to take a trip to offbeat destinations? Well, this post features some of the offbeat places that are the best alternatives to the most popular destinations you usually travel with India Tour Packages. So, plan your India tour to enjoy the ingenious charms of these 5 offbeat destinations of India:


This delight of Kerala is one of the best offbeat destinations to visit with your South India Tour. one of the many best things about Kannaur is its secluded beaches as what’s a better way to bask in the sun when only the sea is your companion. Along with it, there is a drive-in beach as well known by the name Muzhappilangad beach wherein you can enjoy driving as well along the sandy trails.


One of the best offbeat places to plan your India Tour is Kutch. The beautiful offering of Gujarat, Kutch is often described as the “Wild West” of the country. The region is famed as being the home of the Salt desert which is called by the name “Great Rann of Kutch”. Apart from it, you can also enjoy the distinctive experience of visiting Wild Ass Sanctuary. As a souvenir of this offbeat retreat, you can buy yourself handicraft items of the villages of Kutch which are pretty spectacular.


This is one of the most popular offbeat destinations to visit with Rajasthan tour Packages. Osian is popular as the “Khajuraho of Rajasthan” owing to its temples adorned with intricate carvings. The town was one of the prestigious trading centers from the 8th to the 11th century and the commission of the temples is also dated back to the period. So while in Osian, make sure you visit the temples and plan a camel safari along the stretches of desert studded with dunes. This place can be best covered in the Jaisalmer Tour Packages as this is one of the nearby places that can be easily covered during the Rajasthan Tour.


Undeniably the state of Kerala is blessed with the best of nature but its popularity has made it amongst the most crowded tourist destinations too. So if you want to experience the tranquil charms of Mother Nature, plan a tour to Majuli instead. Nestled amidst the pristine water of Brahmaputra Lake, Majuli is the largest inhabited river island across the globe. As for delights, you can experience the nature at its best via bird watching, riding a bicycle along its verdant trails and more. Excursion to Majuli can be best described as unplugging yourself from the whole world and enjoying the charms of this new sphere.

Also, if you have an affinity for Indian fair and festivity, plan a tour to Majuli for mid-November. Majuli Raas Mahotsav festival is organized during the time. The festival is the celebratory event of the life of Lord Krishna. Expect some exceptional performances by local artists and the flairs of Indian fairs.


If you too are planning an India trip to seek spiritual bliss, the instead of Varanasi or other popular destinations of South India famed for their religious structures, plan an offbeat tour to Maheshwar which is in Madhya Pradesh. Nestled along the banks of Narmada River the holy town is famed for its religious sites dedicated to Deity Shiva.

The best things to do here include the boat ride along the river, a visit to Baneshwar temple which is nestled on an island and is believed that the construction of the temple is dated back to 9th to 10th century and a stroll along the pious ghats.

So are you ready to embark these less traveled trails of one of the most traversed countries in the world?