6 trips to take to make the most of the upcoming long weekends

8th Oct 2018
Photo of 6 trips to take to make the most of the upcoming long weekends by Anshul Sharma

There are many reasons why the last quarter of each year is an open invitation to travel, celebrate, and relax. After 5-6 long summer months, the weather just starts getting a bit colder. There are festivals almost every week, engulfing every place in the festivities; and eventually, there are those extended weekends when staying indoors all the day just doesn't seem very appealing.

So, here we are with a list of 6 trips you must take to make the most of long weekends from October 2018 to December 2018.

1) End 2018 on an adventurous note in Kasol

To enjoy a mug of hot chocolate on Christmas eve might be a part of your plan, but what if you are presented with an option to enjoy delicious hot coffee at some cool cafe en route to Chalal village in Himachal? And if you just switched plans in your mind, there is nothing better than booking this 3-night/4-day trekking holiday in Kasol. Being in Kasol and trekking to Chalal during this time of the year is definitely going to be an experience to remember.

When to plan:

December 22, Saturday: Weekend

December 23, Sunday: Weekend

December 24, Monday: Christmas Eve (Restricted Holiday)

December 25, Tuesday: Christmas

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2.) Get set for a weekend trek to Prashar Lake

If you just got over with a busy week at the office, here's another weekend when you can get busy living life to the fullest with this 2-day trekking tour to Prashar Lake in Himachal Pradesh; a destination known for astounding natural beauty, interesting folklore, and intriguing mystery. A trek to Prashar Lake in December is going to show you the untamed side of nature in this region, which despite the cold, looks absolutely magnificent covered in snow.

When to plan:

December 7, Friday: Take a leave

December 8, Saturday: Weekend

December 9, Sunday: Weekend

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3.) Fall for the 'fall' in Gorgeous Kashmir

When autumn is at its fag end and winter begins to set in, that's when the paradisaical land of Kashmir gets draped in the hues of orange and gold. This 4-night/5-day Kashmir tour starts from Srinagar and takes you to Pahalgam and Gulmarg, encapsulating the experiences of Shikara ride in Dal Lake and vivid Mughal Gardens of Gulmarg. The nearest airport is in Srinagar.

When to plan: October 17, Wednesday: Take a leave

October 18, Thursday: Ram Navmi (Restricted Holiday)

October 19, Friday: Dussehra

October 20, Saturday: Weekend

October 21, Sunday: Weekend

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4.) Spoil yourself in classic Himachal Pradesh

The extended monsoon has finally subsided and Himachal is ready for another year of winter, but it's not there yet. So, why not use this weekend to rejuvenate in the serenity of hills? All you have to do is arrange a couple of leaves and you can escape to the land known for peace and divinity with this 4-night/5-day Himachal tour package. This tour lets you experience the best of Shimla and Manali during this time of the year, when the weather is at its enjoyable best.

When to plan:

October 24, Wednesday: Valmiki Jayanti (Restricted Holiday)

October 25, Thursday: Take a leave

October 26, Friday: Take a leave

October 27, Saturday: Weekend

October 28, Sunday: Weekend

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5.) Visit the Himalayan kingdom in the Northeast

If you are done with exploring the hills in the northern part of India but still love mountains and hills, it's time to delve into the cultural and natural beauty that lies at Himalayan range in the northeastern India. This wholesome 5-night/6-day tour covering Darjeeling, Gangtok, and Pelling promises to add more to your Diwali celebrations in 2018. What a time to be in the Northeast!

When to plan:

November 6, Tuesday: Naraka Chaturdasi (Restricted Holiday)

November 7, Wednesday: Diwali

November 8, Thursday: Govardhan Puja (Restricted Holiday)

November 9, Friday: Bhai Duj (Restricted Holiday)

November 10, Saturday: Weekend

November 11, Sunday: Weekend

Tip: You can extend your long weekend to 9 days by taking a leave on November 5, Monday .

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6.) Discover Sri Lanka, the Teardrop of India

Most rare and incredible things on our planet are smaller in size. And so is the picturesque island nation of Sri Lanka. Pristine beaches, misty hills, serpentine rivers, rich heritage, toothsome cuisines, modern and historical architectural wonders; Sri Lanka has it all. So, why wait and speculate when you can escape a few days of Indian winter and experience the warmth of this tiny nation with this amazing 3-night/4-day Sri Lanka tour package!

When to plan:

November 21, Wednesday: Id-e-Milad

November 22, Thursday: Take a leave

November 23, Friday: Guru Nanak's Birthday

November 24, Saturday: Weekend

November 25, Sunday: Weekend

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So, which ones did you finalise? Let us know in the comments below. Share your experiences here and click on this link to watch exciting travel videos that will trigger the fernweh in you.