A journey upto the Mountains

Photo of A journey upto the Mountains by Geetika Sanjeev

Long back, I've read about those beautiful toy train journeys up towards the mountains of Shimla, may be from one of those Indian writers who constantly wrote about the mountains, jungles and the scenic beauty of India. So when we girls, five of us, thought of a trip that'll give us some fresh air, away from the four walls of hostel, it took me no time to think of this place - Shimla. A very unplanned trip, it came up among the talks of one night, packing the bags next morning, leaving that night, when the tickets where not even confirmed. but to a very beautiful journey, never thought a girls only trip can be this much fun and good. The adventures began from grabbing a general coach train ticket and getting on to the sleeper coach, then getting out of it half way and running towards the general coach, a run filled with loud laughs. Next day morning we reached Kalka from where our toy train journey started, Usually the toy trains are filled with too much people (tourists), but never mind we have got ladies compartment. Though it also got tight and filled after sometime. A journey of around 7 hours,( which will take only 3 hours by road, but the visual treat matters) First one hour we all sat our jaws dropped, then being tired from the last sleepless night slowly everybody fell apart into sleep. The journey was a bit lengthy but the visuals those mountains gave were worth it. What those writers wrote about these mountains are almost true, they are beautiful. The Himalayan cedars, Pines, Oak trees, pieces of sunlight that finds it way through them, the mist that tries to cover those golden rays, the monkeys that jumps from one of these trees to others, the birds, their chirping, the long tunnels and those railway stations all of these indeed made me feel like we were inside some good old Indian novel. (To be continued..!)