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On 14th April 2020, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi addressed the nation that India will be in lockdown till 3rd May 2020 due to the outbreak of CoronaVirus. The Airlines have suspended all their flights till the Lockdown Period.

The Airlines have refused to pay a full refund for the canceled tickets as the cancellation is due to the outbreak of CoronaVirus. They are trying their best to provide an alternative solution like date change or issuing a credit note for the passengers who have their tickets booked from 14th April 2020 till 3rd May 2020. All Domestic Airlines have made their provisions for the passengers to resolve the issue. I will be discussing further a few airlines and their rules for the date change

Air India :

1. You need not call Air India or your travel agent for the cancellation of the tickets till the lockdown period.

2. Air India will waive the cancellation charges and the full value of the ticket will be protected.

3. You can reschedule your tickets as and when you decide your date of travel up to 30th September 2020.

4. There will be no date change fees. You can also change your route.

5. You have to retain a copy of your ticket and PNR till you complete your travel.

6. Any Fare difference will be collected.


1. No need of calling the Airlines and the travel Agents

2. Full Value of the ticket will be protected.

3. Passengers can reschedule their tickets for up to 1 year from the original travel date.

4. A new ticket will be issued for the same passenger for any GOAIR flight.

5. Fare Difference if any will be collected.


1. Indigo is protecting the value of the ticket in the form of a Credit Shell.

2. A Credit Shell is a credit note created for your canceled PNR for a future booking. The booking can be done for the same passenger or passengers.

3. If the flight is suspended due to the outbreak of Covid19, a credit shell shall be automatically created against your PNR. But in any case, you have canceled the ticket then you can create a credit shell from the 'Edit Booking' Section of the Indigo website.

4. You can view the credit shell balance on your itinerary. You can visit and then click the Edit Booking section and then Retrieve Itinerary.

6. The Credit Shell validity is up to 1 year from the date of issuance. You can book the tickets for any flight and any route.

7. You can also use the credit shell partially before the expiration of the Credit shell.


SpiceJet is also offering a Credit Shell due to suspension of the flights till 3rd May 2020.

1. The entire amount of the ticket fare will be maintained in a credit shell and can be used to make a fresh booking till the 28th of February 2021 for the same passenger.

2. A zero cancellation fee will be charged.

3. The Credit Shell balance shall be checked on Manage Booking on

4. The bookings can be made for any route.

5. You can make a fresh booking and make the payment from the credit shell.

7. Also for any new and existing bookings till 31st May 2020, You may reschedule your booking for one time travel till 30th September 2020 without paying any date change fee. Only, the fare difference amount shall be applicable if any.

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