Amazing Andaman in 7 days

24th Dec 2019
Photo of Amazing Andaman in 7 days by Preet Kamal

Andaman and Nicobar islands are located in Bay of Bengal.  They comprise of 572 islands out of which only 36 are inhabited.  The beauty here is natural with clear water and abundance of coconut, supari and mango trees.  The people here are far behind from people here in mainland, say almost 20 years thanks to no internet but I think it's a blessing for them in disguise.  The people here are very soft spoken, helpful and most importantly honest.  I lost two things (my scooty keys which as number written on it and my mobile phone) in two days but I got both back.  Special thanks to cleaner at Shangri-la resort who searched for me and returned my mobile back to me.

If you want to go to Andaman in peak season (November to march) plan early.  I made my hotel bookings and air tickets almost six months prior and please book cruise tickets well in advance as you can't go from one island to another without cruise. There are government ferries also but they give preference to locals over tourist and their booking only open two days before the date. They are cheaper than private cruises.

Day 1
I booked my flight with Air India (which included breakfast) from Delhi to Port Blair at 5:30 morning.  It was on time and reached Port Blair 20 minutes before it's arrival time.  We reached Port Blair at 8:45.  My local agent (he is like my younger brother to me) Pramod was there to pick us.  We straight went to hotel (Blue Bridge Homes) which is just 10 min away from airport. We kept our luggage there and Pramod took us to Rajiv Gandhi sports complex from where we have to go to Ross island.  Before going to Ross island, we did parasailing which costed us 3000 per person which was an amazing experience.  They dropped us at Ross where we hired a battery car to see the island which costed Rs 80per person but I should one should not hire battery car rather roam on your own as it's very small. There we saw deers and peacocks roaming freely.  To my disappointment I could not go to light house there as it was closed.  Amazingly, the coconut juice costed Rs 50 whereas here in Chandigarh we got coconut at Rs 40.

We came back and did jet ski ride at Rajiv Gandhi sports complex which Pramod gave us complimentary with package.  We had hired scooty for us.

Then we straight went to Chatham sawmill.  The entry ticket is 20 rs per person.  There we saw museum and bomb pit where bomb fell during 2nd world war and saw how woods were cut to make different items.

From there we went to samudrika, where we saw types of corals and fishes in a small Aquarium.
(Ps: it can be avoided)

Then we went to anthropological museum where one can see the true culture and tribes of Andaman.  It showcases how tribes live, what they wear and their homes.

Our next stop was cellular jail. One can feel the history over there.  It takes an hour or two to see the cellular jail which showcases how the freedom fighters were used to live, what work they have to do and where they are hanged.  When we went, there was renovation going on so we could not see Veer savarkar cell.

Then we went to Corbyn cove beach.  The sun was setting and we took a long walk over there which was very soothing. We enjoyed there for an hour and came back to hotel.

Then we went for light and sound show at cellular jail which showcases the life of freedom fighters. It fills patriotism in our hearts.  The show duration is one hour.

We went to New light house for dinner as I have searched on Google it's a good place but I didn't find it good.  Firstly, the waiting time was so long and my wife who is pure vegetarian, got the taste of non-veg in gravy. So vegetarians must avoid and taste is also okay only.

It was a hectic day.


Next day, we had booked makruzz to go Havelock Island.  The departure time was 8:45 from Hadoo jetty but it was late.  Our cruise started at 10 am and reached Havelock at 11:30.  Pramod helped us booking a scooty over there.  We went to Radha Krishna resort. 

First we went to Something different restaurant for lunch.  Googlebaba told me about this. We ordered pizza. The taste was just  okay but the prices are too high

From there, we went to Radhanagar beach. It was one of most beautiful beaches in India with clear water and white sand.  Any amount of time spent here is less.  One can enjoy water here.  One can swim and get soaked in water.  As the sun starts to set down, the tides become higher and strong.  One can enjoy getting wet here with high and strong tides as when they come, they drench you and it was so enjoyable.  One doesn't want to come out of water but as the sun sets at 5, the police announce everyone to come out of water but yeh Dil maange more!!!!

For dinner, we went to Squid restaurant as I have read good reviews about this but same was the experience like newlight house.  The waiting was more than an hour for your dinner to arrive and again bone came out of vegetarian dish.  No washroom.  Bad experience. Then we searched for scuba diving.  We went to Blue corals.  We had our slot booked for 6 am.  The owner Nikhil told us there will be 1:1 ratio of diving instructor and diver. We booked it.

1. Radha Krishna resort is clean but they do not provide anything other than room.  Not recommended
2. I went to scuba lov diving center which is located at seashell resort but the lady over there lied that the person I know (who was instructor there) didn't work with them which was shocking .  Beware of all scuba diving centers.  I will tell you why.


At 5 o'clock, we went to Kalapathar beach.  The sun rise we saw was a lifetime memory not expressed in words.  I found Kalapathar beach most beautiful with white sand and crystal clear water.  We spent almost 2 hours walking and enjoying the beauty.  There was very less crowd.  We met a couple there whose words are still in my mind, he said "if u want to make your wife happy, take her to Andaman as you will give 100% time to her as the phone and internet doesn't work here" 😄.

We had breakfast at Radha Krishna resort and then we moved to Shangri-la resort.  We checked in and luckily we got sea facing room. 

Then we went to elephant beach trek point on scooty.  We parked our scooty there and hired a guide, Anup for trekking. While trekking, we came across elephant footprints, Andaman's official tree Padauk, lots of shell crabs which I took on my hand.  The trek was very easy and can b covered in 30-40 min easily.  The frst sight of elephant beach was awesome.  Blue water takes your breath away.  We did banana boat ride and snorkeling and both were awesome. We spent half day there and then we trek back to our starting point.

For lunch, we went to one more famous restaurant which Google Baba told me that is anju Coco.  It was at a walkable distance from our resort.  The food, the ambience, the taste and quantity were fabulous.  The best food I had on my Andaman tour.  This time my Google Baba was right. 

After lunch, we went to our resort. Due to low tide, the water has receded far back.  We went to ocean deep walking and enjoyed our time together as we were only there.  For night, I had a surprise for my wife.  I have beach candle light dinner arranged for us.  What to say, sky full of stars and ocean water making noise and only both of us, memorable.


We wake up at 5 to go for scuba which we have booked with Blue Corals.  We reached their office at 5:30.  They took us to Nemo beach.  There I came to know we had only one instructor for both of us whereas we were promised one each for both.  The dive was awesome for initial 15 minutes, we saw lots of fishes and corals but as soon as he started clicking photos, I started feeling uncomfortable.  My mind was thinking there is only one instructor, where is the other, my breath start to get away from me.  So after 25 min, I think I aborted.  So please make sure that there should be 1:1 ratio.  Very bad experience with Blue Corals.

After breakfast, we had a cruise for Neil island. This time it's ITT magestic.  It took one hour to reach Neil.  We checked into our coconhut resort, took a scooty and went to natural bridge or lakshmanpur beach2.  Again we hired a guide to show the aquatic life as the water has receded due to low tide and one can see the aquatic flora and fauna in a natural swimming pool.  He showed us star fish, different types of corals,  touch me not plant and corals which form pearls and leeches and sea urchins and lot more variety of fishes.

In evening, we went to lakshmanpur beach1 to see sunset.. we sat on white sand and lazed with watching  sun going down and setting behind one of the island and making the colour of the ocean orange.  Lifetime memory.  Felt so relaxed.  

Then we went to our resort which is also a beach resort and the best stay in my trip.  We sat on recliner and saw the water level getting higher and the sound of water was making music.  Sky in Andaman is full of stars which we miss here.  Best evening of my tour.


Again early morning we headed for Sitapur beach to see sunrise.  Again the beauty is mind-blowing.  Best time to visit beach is early morning as firstly u see sunrise and less crowd as few people wake up 5 to go and watch sunrise......

Then we went to bharatpur beach.  There we did glass bottom ride.  Initially I was thinking it will be of no use as I had already done snorkeling and scuba diving but no, this is also amazing. Must do.  The corals and the fishes were so beautiful.

Then we had a cruise back to port Blair at 11:30.  It takes one hour to reach port Blair.  Straight from Hadoo jetty, we went to chidiya tapu and Munda pahad in taxi.  After reaching Munda pahad base , we did 1.5 km trek to suicide point at top on our own.  It's also easy and takes just 20-30 minutes to reach top.  Believe me, from top the view was awesome and so beautiful that one can happily do suicide here 😄.  Really we sat there for half hour and the wind and view take our breath away, so beautiful.

Then we trek back to base to see sunset over here.  Again the sun set behind one of the island and making everything golden.

On way back, we went to jogger's park.  Way to Jogger's park reminded me like I m going to Shimla from Taradevi as I can see lights of houses on small hillocks.  From top, one can see airport runway and city with lights like it's Diwali. Must visit.

Then for dinner, we went to Icy Spicy restaurant again thanks to Google Baba Search.  The restaurant is located in basement or lower floor and food was okay.


We woke at 2:30 as we have to go to Baratang at 3.  Our taxi driver came at 3:15 and we started our journey to Baratang limestone caves.  It was dark.  We reached jiraktang at 4:45 from where tribal area starts where one can see jarawa tribesman.  At 6 gate open and we started.  Just few minutes after entering, I saw one jarawa man in his tribal dress and young jarawa boys in normal clothes like us but then my search was unfruitful as I didn't see more jarawa on way.  Then we boarded a large ship which carries car, bus, people from one side to other to reach baratang.  It took 15 min to cross.  There we sat on speedboat and started our journey to Baratang limestone caves.  The boat took 20-30 min to reach there through mangrove forest, amazing.... Then again we start our trek to caves which took 15-20 min.  We saw limestone caves which we small as compared to Mawsami caves I have seen in Cherrapunjee.  We saw different types of formations.  The village there consists of only 8 families with 40 odd people and all 8 have shops for livelihood from tourist coming there.

While returning back to port Blair to my surprise I saw many jarawas and one family of jarawas came on road and knocked windows of taxies for food and other items but we didn't open our windows as there are instructions not to interact with them.

Again in evening, I had surprise for my better half, dinner cruise (TSG Bella) booked.  We reached junglighat jetty from where dinner cruise starts.  It's a two hour cruise with dinner and dance floor on board.   The cruise move slowly and one can enjoy the view on board and dance and enjoy to make it a memorable experience.  Had a great time. Must do again.


Ohhhh, this is the day we have to come back.  Our flight was Air India flight at 12:30 to Delhi via Vishakhapatnam.  Pramod himself came to drop us to airport. We went to sagarika emporium for some shopping and then he dropped us to airport.  My heart was saying please stay here, don't go back...........

1.  If you are couple, must hire scooty to roam around as port Blair and Havelock and Neil all are very small that you can easily cover on your own.
2.  Do shopping at Neil island as it's the cheapest of all three. 
3. Carry your license with you as they check and strict.
4. Carry BSNL and Airtel SIM for calling if you get network forget internet in Andaman
5. Try all treks like elephant beach, Munda pahad as they are easy and short and worth trekking I bet.
6. Go for TSG Bella dinner cruise as I liked it.  I don't know about others.
7.  The food here is costly even coconuts and choose your restaurants carefully if you are vegetarian.
8. If you want to book a package, go for local operator,  not go for big names as they take much more money because of their names.  My tour operator is Pramod.  I m fully satisfied with his services. His phone number is 9474232153 and 9434296600.

If anyone needs any more information or help, please feel free to ask me

It was a memorable trip........

Cellular jail

Photo of Amazing Andaman in 7 days by Preet Kamal

Supari tree

Photo of Amazing Andaman in 7 days by Preet Kamal

Crabs at restaurant

Photo of Amazing Andaman in 7 days by Preet Kamal

Sunrise at kalapathar beach

Photo of Amazing Andaman in 7 days by Preet Kamal

Sunset at Radhanagar beach

Photo of Amazing Andaman in 7 days by Preet Kamal

Coconut tree saplings

Photo of Amazing Andaman in 7 days by Preet Kamal

Marina park

Photo of Amazing Andaman in 7 days by Preet Kamal

Sunrise at sitapur beach

Photo of Amazing Andaman in 7 days by Preet Kamal

View of airport runway from jogger's park

Photo of Amazing Andaman in 7 days by Preet Kamal

Munda pahad suicide point

Photo of Amazing Andaman in 7 days by Preet Kamal

Tsg Bella Dinner cruise

Photo of Amazing Andaman in 7 days by Preet Kamal

Sunset at lakshmanpur beach1

Photo of Amazing Andaman in 7 days by Preet Kamal

Munda pahad

Photo of Amazing Andaman in 7 days by Preet Kamal

Ferry at baratang

Photo of Amazing Andaman in 7 days by Preet Kamal

Fishes in ocean live at lakshmanpur

Photo of Amazing Andaman in 7 days by Preet Kamal

Heart shaped coral

Photo of Amazing Andaman in 7 days by Preet Kamal

Howrah bridge

Photo of Amazing Andaman in 7 days by Preet Kamal

Different shades of water at Neil

Photo of Amazing Andaman in 7 days by Preet Kamal

Shangri-la resort

Photo of Amazing Andaman in 7 days by Preet Kamal

Trek to elephant beach

Photo of Amazing Andaman in 7 days by Preet Kamal

Fish caught by fisherman

Photo of Amazing Andaman in 7 days by Preet Kamal

Fish at squid restaurant

Photo of Amazing Andaman in 7 days by Preet Kamal

Artistry by crabs on sand

Photo of Amazing Andaman in 7 days by Preet Kamal

Natural beauty

Photo of Amazing Andaman in 7 days by Preet Kamal