Amazing Trip Manali

7th May 2019
Day 1

We were 4 gals and we took flight to amritsar. Morning we reached at 6:30am. From airport they have bus to golden temple with no charge but we missed it. We took a auto to golden temple from airport it charged 300 rupees. After freshup we went inside and it was really good... We spent there for 2 hours and we went to jallianwala bagh which is walkable distance from golden temple. We had are lunch in golden temple. Then it was arround 2:30 we started to wagah border. It was shared auto took 100 per person for both up and down.

All are energy wentcoff in wagah border by screaming shouting all are patriotism cameout there. It opens at 3:30pm and starts at the end 5pm the early you go the good seat you get. By tge time we return it was 7:45pm. We wrnt to golden temple to see the night view and booked a car from makemytrip. All are lagguage we have placed in golden temple clock room. That day night we left to manali.

Manu temple, Manali

Photo of Amazing Trip Manali by pragathi g


Photo of Amazing Trip Manali by pragathi g

Amristar night view

Photo of Amazing Trip Manali by pragathi g

Crowd in wagah border

Photo of Amazing Trip Manali by pragathi g

Manikaran, kullu

Photo of Amazing Trip Manali by pragathi g

Jallianwala, Amritsar

Photo of Amazing Trip Manali by pragathi g

Wagah border

Photo of Amazing Trip Manali by pragathi g
Day 2

Day2 morning at 5am we were in mandi we went to gurudwar over there got freshup and left at 8am. Then on the way to kullu we got river rafting and it charged arround 1000/person for both river rafting and photos /vedio. Water was very cold it was really great experience. Cab driver left us in manikaran charged arround 6000 from amristar to manikaran . This is also gurudwar. From here we got a bus to manali we reaches manali bustand at 8pm after 4hour journey. We had booked dorm Zostel its in old manali. We took a auto charged 100 and went to zostel, halt over there.

Day 3

Morning at 8am we started to roam manali town. Every places are in walkable distance. We visited manu temple,hidimba temple, nature park and after lunch we were roaming in mall market over there we found street food laphing which was really good spicy and I have not tasted it before then at night 8pm we came back to zostel. We were very tierd but were happy with the shopping.

Day 4

We booked car for solong and gulaba as Rohtang pass was closed. Cab driver charged 1800 rupess. We checked out zostel. Visited gulaba playrd in snow and then by tge time visited solong it started raining unfortunately we could not do paragliding. We had maggi and left from there to manali private bustand. From here we were having delhi bus.

Day 5

Delhi 46 tmp we got down after breakfast we booked a cab to redfort entry fees 50 per person and cab took 100 for 2 person . As we had are laguage with us we could not take bus. From redfort we booked cab to lotus temple which 150 for 2 person and here in lotus temple they dont allow baggage inside. We will have keep this outside some where near parking lot that to its our resposibility. We blindly belived that person and went inside lotus its praying hall. Then we booked cab(150 2 person) to sarogini market.... Over here shopping shopping and shopping which girls like... Delhi it was so hot everywhere we were having some drink. From here we book cab to Akshardham its was arround 200 2 person and we stayed till 8:30om completed water show and took metro which was near to Akshardham. We went new delhi and from thete we took airport metro. That ended our trip. We enjoyed the whole trip... We spent 7000 per head for whole amristar, kullu, manali and delhi including games,.....