Best Cycling Routes in India

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If you’re a cycling buff who is getting ready for some adventure, then India has a plenty to offer. Great climate, scenic routes, and more eccentric cultural attractions to hang out. So latch on to a rucksack, hope on your cycle and get going!

Before I start, here is what you need:

1.Knee cap

2.Elbow guard

3.Bicycle riding gloves



6.And, of course- a cycle…

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Chennai to Pondicherry

The distance linking chennai-Pondicherry is famous for its seaside views and sights and it is one of the simplest cycling routes in India. Meanwhile, clear roads with glinting beaches and rolling roads make this a conjure up scenario to take a ride.

Level of difficulty: Easy

Duration: 2 days

Somnath to Diu

The cycling route between Somnath-Diu encompasses by the cash crop farms locked in by coconut trees are simply exquisite. To add to the experience is the sea that runs forth. However, the modesty of the surrounding water will be enough for you to take your breath away.

Level of difficulty: Moderate

Duration: 3 days.


Rameshwaram, the blue waters will leave you astounded. For a while, you will be amazed and feel that India is so much splendid than what you’re thinking.

Level of difficulty: Moderate

Duration: 5 days

Coorg to Munnar

This Coorg-Munnar cycling route in the Nilgiris along the greenished plantations will make you to feel stun. However, this rural regions gives some of the country’s most dazzling landscapes and goes hand in hand with twisting green forests, hills, and roads.

Level of difficulty: Moderate

Duration: 7 days

Leh to Khardung La

Cycle on world’s highest traveling road from Leh-Khardung La beyond which lies the Siachen Glacier and Khardung La. However, it’s one of the most difficult yet beautiful cycling routes in India.

Level of difficulty: Expert

Duration: 2 days

Shillong to Cherrapunji

Anyone who loves riding have to experience this route. Am damn sure that this journey will fulfill your happiness. While riding on the most hilly terrains, you’ll see a mountain on one side and a valley on the other side. This route is different as you drift to ride on top of the mountains.

Level of difficulty: Experts

Duration: 2 days

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