Best Smartphones In India For Travel Photography


Credits: Kaique Rocha

Photo of Best Smartphones In India For Travel Photography by Siddharth Sujan

Remember those good ol' times when photography meant having to do with a limited number of clicks in point and shoot devices? And of course, then there was the waiting process till the photos were finally developed in a photo lab! Cut to now.

Smartphones define not only the way we plan and execute our travels but also how we document them. Owing to the unprecedented advancement in technology, smartphones have definitely ousted traditional cameras, especially for travel photography. Here are some of the best smartphones in India for travel photography that you can pick to capture those picture-perfect frames on your next adventure:

1. Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

USP: A night photographer's delight, Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus boasts of what is easily one of the best smartphone cameras out there. The dual rear camera comes with an unbelievably impressive f/1.5, making it capable of shooting crystal clear images in poor lighting conditions. The phone is also known for its excellent video results, allowing users to capture slow motion videos at upto 960 frames per second!

Camera specs: 12MP + 12MP rear shooters with f/1.5; 8MP front camera

Price: Starts at ₹59,900.

2. Google Pixel 3 XL

USP: Much like in the case of its predecessor's launch, Google's latest flagship Pixel 3 has managed to create ripples in the smartphone industry. Both Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL produce astonishing portraits, something that will definitely appeal to travellers who love shooting all things macro. And if you're someone who's a fan of clicking selfies, this one comes with an ultra wide selfie cam powered by two 8MP shooters.

Camera specs: 12.2 MP rear camera with f/1.8; 8MP + 8MP front camera

Price: Starts at ₹71,000.

3. iPhone XS

USP: It might be the most expensive phone in the market right now, but if there's anything that probably does justice to the price tag, it has to be the camera performance. The iPhone XS comes with two 12MP rear shooters and a 7MP setup on the front. The impressive camera combines with Apple's user-friendly UI to create a truly seamless photography experience.

Camera specs: 12MP + 12MP rear camera; 7MP front camera with FaceID

Price: Starts at ₹94,900.

4. OnePlus 6

USP: If you're someone who's a fan of capturing landscapes, drop everything and get a OnePlus 6 right away! The phone's 19:9 aspect ratio results in extra wide landscapes and panoramas while the Pro mode is tailor-made for seasoned photographers, offering plenty of scope to experiment. The top notch camera specs combines with OnePlus' lightning fast processing power to ensure that there's never a lag, no matter how much you click!

Camera specs: 16MP + 20MP rear cameras; 16MP front camera

Price: Starts at ₹29,900.

5. Huawei P20 Pro

USP: A revolutionary device by all means, Huawei's P20 Pro comes equipped with three rear sensors that have a combined might of 68MP! The P20 Pro also offers as many as 19 auto detect modes that use Artificial Intelligence, helping amateur photographers produce those perfect shots. As if that wasn't enough, there's also a 24MP front camera with some kickass AI-based features.

Camera specs: 40MP RGB lens + 20MP monochrome lens + 8MP telephoto lens on the rear; 24MP selfie camera

Price: Starts at ₹64,999.

6. Honor 10

USP: AI is definitely the future of photography and devices like Honor 10 prove just that! The 16MP + 16MP rear camera setup relies heavily on artificial intelligence with the ability to recognise more that 500 scenarios across 22 categories in real time! So if you're someone who's looking to hone their photography skills while on the go, this will be your best bet!

Camera specs: 16MP + 24MP rear cameras; 24MP front sensor

Price: Starts at ₹32,999.

7. LG G7 ThinQ

USP: Despite the fact that LG hardly gives any sort of competition to the big players in smartphone market, their recently launched flagship LG G7 ThinQ is quite a beast when it comes to camera performance. The underrated device offers one of the most powerful wide angle shooters, making it a landscape photographer's delight. To add to that, the phone also shoots impeccable videos in HDR 10 format.

Camera specs: 16MP + 16MP ultra-wide rear cameras; 8MP front camera

Price: Starts at ₹33,990.

8. Xiaomi Mi A2

USP: Speaking of smartphones and not mentioning a Xiaomi device is almost a crime of sorts. Keeping in lieu with their model of disrupting the market, the Xiaomi Mi A2 makes for the perfect device for budding photographers. Inspite of a modest price tag, the phone produces great low-light shots and extremely impressive portraits.

Camera specs: 12MP + 20MP rear sensor setup; 20MP front camera

Price: Starts at ₹17,500.

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