15th Sep 2014

Let me first set a background as I always do before starting my story, these were the three months of my training in TCS,Gandhinagar and the places mentioned in the title were the small trips that I made during this time. 

So, first of all I would like to brief about Gandhinagar. The capital city of Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, was one the most calm and peaceful city I have ever been. The chilly breeze which used to savour my soft cheeks every morning on the fifth floor was the best thing of this place. The clean roads, variety of foods and amazing people, is what that constitutes this city. And, here comes the inspiration for travelling further, my new friends. 

Introducing them first, in short:

1. Manali Jain: The most cheerful girl, accepting every situation with a smile on her face. 

2. Aditi Gupta: The silent day dreamer who was just a complete pack of glamour. 

3. Gaurav Sharma: Mr. Perfect is what that describes this guy. 

4. Shaurya Chamoli: An amazing being with tremendous amount of humour. 

5. Saurabh Gupta: The senior most friend of mine. 

6. Sumedh: Whatsapp was his soulmate. 

Now, our first trip was to Jaisalmer. It was no less a beauty, a silver sandy beauty. That white night, we all lying down under the full moon was just amazing. That night on cold sand, just after the jeep safari was beyond any explanation, words would be less to describe the feelings which came to us at that point of time. Apart from that, The camel ride, the folk dance, the stay in tents were magnificent.

Now, that sands were done, we decided to move to Diu, the land of beaches. The tides were so high that we can imagine ourselves be shortened, the sand was so misty that we could engrave our heart out and the breeze at night was so chilly that we could feel the goose bumps all across our body. In addition to that, the Sea View Hotel was the cherry on the cake, perfect room service and an amazing view from the room window. 

Moving forward, it was Mount Abu. Now, that we had already seen sands and beaches, we decided to explore mountains and terrains. The rocky terrains were all around us and we, sitting on the highest point gazing towards the setting sun. That experience of nature was something that we all kept secured in our hearts. And, finally, we moved back to Gandhinagar and moved our way ahead in different directions, living our lives. Though, we are all separated today by distance, our hearts are bonded so strong that we are beyond any separation.