India’s answer to Stonehenge that is even older than Stonehenge!


The Stonehenge, one of the earliest possible monuments ever built by mankind now has a counterpart of its own here in India! And as per the records, this version of the Stonehenge is older than the original structure by about a 3500 years. So that makes it a whole lot older than the original.

This group of menhirs (a group of monolithic stones) was found in the ‘Mudumal’ village of Telangana. It was only found recently and therefore archeologists are still working on what the significance of this structure could be. It has been found out to be over 5000 B.C which makes it nearly 7000 years old.

What is this structure made up of?

Much like the Stonehenge, there are menhirs which are upto 3.5 to 4 meters tall. There are a whole lot of them – nearly 80, grouped at the site and this large number is what makes this such a significant site. The history of this site may not really be understood but it could have been an astronomical observatory, say some experts.

This is because there is a carving on one of the stones that resembles the ‘Ursa Major’ and on some others which represent some other constellations that can be spotted with the naked eye. And hence the assumption that the ancient people who have built these menhirs might have done it to study stars.

Why pay a visit to this megalithic structure of Telangana?

Watching this ancient (really, really ancient) astronomical observatory first hand is a great experience and could be thrilling, especially if you are a space nerd or a history nerd. Walking amidst these stones and taking a look at the carvings that were made by our ancestors is what we get to do here. Very soon when the place gets recognized and therefore popular, it could get crowded and before that, while the findings are still fresh and new, we can get to see this place in all its beauty as of now.

When to go

The summers and the rainy season could make it uncomfortable for exploring the region, so we’d suggest you go after the monsoons – which is from the month of November through to the month of March.

Getting there

Kurnool and Raichur are the closest towns to Mudumala while it is also connected through road to many of the other major towns and cities around. The nearest airport is the Kurnool airport(30km away) and the nearest railway station is the Iktyala railway station(24.3 kms).

Getting around

Since it is a small village, you can walk around the place. Getting your own vehicle is definitely a good idea.


Since this is a small village, staying in Kurnool which is about an hour and half’s drive away is the best option. There are many places to stay in Kurnool from good places like Mourya Inn to budget friendly places like Sai Priyanka comfort inn. For more places to stay in Kurnool, look up here.

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