A Journey behind mysterious Stonehenge - To see Alien's footprints


Few days ago, on July 13, 2018, a news was published in Washington Post about newly discovered Stonehenge-like site, revealed by extreme drought in Ireland. They were flying a drone over the Boyne Valley in Ireland and spotted this site. Their video depicts what appears to be the footprint of nearly 50 large stone formations.

It reminded me about a journey which I did 3 years ago to search for the mystery of Stonehenge. I would always like to explore the places listed in UNESCO world Heritage sites and Stonehenge is one of the world's most famous monuments,built on Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, England, Stonehenge was constructed in several stages between 3000 and 1500 B.C.spanning the Neolithic Period to the Bronze Age. It consists of a circle of standing stones with each standing stone around 13 feet (4.0 m) high, 7 feet (2.1 m) wide and weighing around 25 tons. Let me give you a glance at the history and theories excavated by the researchers.

Photo of Stonehenge, Amesbury, Salisbury, UK by Thafnitha Faisal

People come from all over the world to stare at the stone pillars and wonder how, and why they were put in place. Nobody has discovered yet that who built it and why and how these giant were stones carried to this site where there was no hills or mountains in the surroundings. Researchers have been studying, not just monument, but the area around it to find the clues.During different times, Archaeologists and researchers have discovered many theories about its mysterious history based on different analysis and studies.

1.This site was used as burial ground early in history and many human remains have been found buried at this site, it was a religious place to worship; it was used for human sacrifice.So assuming that it was built for ritual activities.

2.Those who built Stonehenge had to have been extremely sophisticated in mathematics and geometry. It was aligned with the midwinter sunset and the midsummer sunset. Through two massive pits, which appear to be aligned on the sunrise and sunset.Hence it might be built as an astronomical observatory.

3.Some people believe that Stonehenge is actually a giant clock.

4.The five Neolithic Houses were built based on archaeological evidence of house found.

5.It was used for calculating the time based on the position of sun and shadow of stones.

6.Some people believe that aliens built Stonehenge but there has not been any proof of this theory.

7.Darwin's studies of earthworms at Stonehenge involved some of the first scientifically recorded excavations at the site.

With the help of modern technology, Radar/Laser scanning picture depicts that this is just a part of numerous Stonehenge which might be connected as in map, also these were destroyed for an unknown reason.Some people say this was a map which was used to find out aliens and some kind of connection between humans and Aliens. As I said, it is an uncertain doubt, not a fact which is yet to reveal.

Photo of A Journey behind mysterious Stonehenge - To see Alien's footprints by Thafnitha Faisal

Among all these theories, I was attracted to alien's theory that doesn't have any evidence. However I started my journey to dig out something related to it and see this mysterious place with my parents. I checked the weather report which was good and noted down the train/bus timings. On a Saturday, early morning, we started from Banbury via train to Salisbury which is a beautiful, a peaceful, historic,countryside village.We were just mesmerized by its green lushes,valleys, farm lands, flock of cattle.

When we boarded the train that was completely empty and we got one full coach just for three of us due to which I was bit doubtful about this place whether it would be deserted or not. Having this doubt in mind , I searched for Salisbury Police emergency number and saved it (Just in case ;)) The bus journey from Salisbury train station to Stonehenge was amazing, there the beauty of nature, green valleys on both sides of the roads with full of trees and flowers welcomed us. I felt bus journey was more attracted than train journey in which we seated at the front raw on the top floor of a double-decker bus.

Photo of A Journey behind mysterious Stonehenge - To see Alien's footprints by Thafnitha Faisal

We arrived at ancient site with a curious and ambiguous mind and we rushed into ticket booking counter and bought tickets and an audio guide and we headed to Stonehenge. Actually we shocked to see the circle of people around the circle of stones which we didn't expect it as the all the way to Stonehenge was not crowded.However we started exploring the place with the help of audio guide and I translated the explanation and history to my parents and walked around the stones. Each stone was numbered and while pressing the number on the audio guide will give you the detailed history of each stone and surrounding place, it includes, ritual significance, astronomical perspective, layout of each stones etc. People were restricted to go near to gigantic stones.It was possible early in the 20th century, but later it was blocked due to the safety and maintenance of it. I focused on history of the stones, but back of my mind, I was thinking about the aliens and searching for the foot prints.

Suddenly I saw something in black color and round shape that was slowing moving on the ground next to the stones. I know I saw it clearly, but not fully visible, My mind was trembling and I zoomed the camera and checked it out. It was a poor black bird looks like crow. Again, my excitement went down because I could not even see anything related to aliens footprint or any marks on the stones.

Photo of A Journey behind mysterious Stonehenge - To see Alien's footprints by Thafnitha Faisal

But unexpectedly and quickly, peaceful, sunny weather turned to cloudy and windy which was quiet heavy.It was just opposite to the weather forecast of the day. We could not even walked in the storm and my mom was shivering like hell. All other people started running towards the main entrance and counter as it was around 1Km away, so we had to. In the middle of storm, we realized, oh we didnt take any snap. At the same time, a guy asked us if we wanted a family photo and he immediately took a picture which was the only picture of three of us. I was sad to leave the place because I haven't had much time or didn't get a chance to reveal the footprints and my attempt was failed.Never know, I will do it.. may be next time. :)

Photo of A Journey behind mysterious Stonehenge - To see Alien's footprints by Thafnitha Faisal