Luxury Wildlife Resort A Responsible Approach


Courtyard House Kanha Resort

Photo of Luxury Wildlife Resort A Responsible Approach by Uday Patel
Photo of Luxury Wildlife Resort A Responsible Approach 1/1 by Uday Patel

Saving Energy Usage & Eco Friendly Construction

A key to being responsible is the desire to save energy, use alternative applications and be stingy. Yes the last approach works the best and if you use as little energy as possible then you are being responsible.

In luxury resorts this is where guests and staff could exhibit energy saving behaviour by switching off. Yes switch off in case of accommodations the guests and staff have nothing to lose if the light, fan and air conditioners water heaters linger on. This is the first step in saving energy. Key card activated lightening and centrally controlled electric supply is a safeguard against irresponsible use of energy.

Using energy saving bulbs, geysers, air conditioners etc may call for greater investment but will be economical in the long run. However this should be done by building design that allows maximum natural light in bathroom, sleeping and sitting quarters.

A step that precedes the first step is during the phase of construction. This is the time whence the architecture that lets more light in, allows sunlight at the right place for a longer duration and the keeps the place cool and warm as per the season could be designed and put in place.

Luxury owners keep this in mind during the construction phase and save immensely of energy and yes the cost. Keeping the operations limited by building smaller resort just enough to fulfil the business needs is a valuable strategy and less carbon footprints fall. This simply means if large number of rooms lie vacant and are filled occasionally than the property is not having a sustainable approach.

The construction can also have an impact on local biodiversity a large build up with artificial gardens or exotic vegetation. This would discourage local wildlife and it will not be in harmony with the natural surroundings. Hence local floral elements should be promoted and yes for a wildlife resorts the ambiance in phenomenal.

Nowadays property following the green approach are into rewilding or creating forests within their limits and vacant land that is not notified as revenue land in India.

In dry deciduous ecosystems with abundance of parched land small waterways or water bodies like brooks should be created using local flora. This would not only invite local birds and animals it will also stem the rabid construction that is taking place in every nook and corner.

Alternative energy generation is another approach to generate electricity and keep the environment clean. Though appliances like solar panels cost a large sum of money but the investment in such farm pays back in the long run. India is rich in available sunlight hence mini solar farms should be ideal for small hotels and wildlife resorts.

One example is set by Courtyard House at Kanha where the energy generated by solar farm is sent to the grid and the cost is subtracted from the monthly bill.

Most of the wildlife resorts in Kanha National Park are following these guidelines. With damage done to the environment in the past and the rising global warming this new approach to managing properties in wilderness is a must.