Riding Toy Trains: Darjeeling, Shimla & Nilgiris

23rd Jul 2014
Photo of Riding Toy Trains: Darjeeling, Shimla & Nilgiris 1/3 by Harleen Kalsi
Darjeeling railway
Photo of Riding Toy Trains: Darjeeling, Shimla & Nilgiris 2/3 by Harleen Kalsi
Photo of Riding Toy Trains: Darjeeling, Shimla & Nilgiris 3/3 by Harleen Kalsi
Kalka-Shimla ride

An offbeat commute to unplugged destinations where the pace is slow enough to experience the free side of nature and the mood is cheerful. As these raunchy mountainous railway rides traverse over the bridge alongside undulating scenic landscape, they personify diverse topography. These eye-catching ’’ toy trains’’ have also become another tempting reason to visit these hill stations set on the foothills of the majestic mountainous regions. They run via several stations and quaint villages.

In the fantasy version of rides framing the winding roads and the fields with pastures of green complementing every shade of brown, they are the highlights of these quick getaways.

Actually a toy train as it has the narrowest gauge. The panoramic view of the forest hills and the valley from the train are awe-inspiring. It covers the distance of 88km from Siliguri to Darjeeling.

Blessed with bountiful splendour of the Himalayas, the lovely roads, food vendors and an amazing weather are the charisma of this place. This narrow-gauge railway runs the distance of 96km portraying a sweeping view of the majestic Himalayas. It connects Kalka to Shimla. The Train covers up some important stops along the way like Solan and Dharampur.

It covers 46km of mountainous terrain, starting from the town of Mettupalayam to Ooty in the Nilgiri hills, in Tamil Nadu. The train passes through several tunnels and runs along rustic bridges with an overview of lush oasis.

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