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India, without a doubt, is one of the most delightful nations on the planet, favored with rich culture and history, warm individuals and substantially more. Not withstanding all the integrity, there are sure misguided judgments about the nation that has been promoted by media! A large portion of the movies have displayed the nation as grimy and poor, with hobos in the city and children associated with deceitful exercises, and the media frequently depicts India to be dangerous for solo travelers , particularly ladies.

let me clear your questions and debunk some myths about travelling in India :

" Travelling alone in India is risky! "

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On the off chance that you pass by the highest crime percentages, at that point South Africa, Switzerland, Singapore and Iceland likewise make it to the rundown of top 10 - however do you think over arranging an outing to those nations? - Perhaps not! - Then why consider India in a negative light?

Trust me when I state this , India is totally protected to travel solo, and keeping in mind that you are on the streets, you'll meet some astounding individuals who'll make your excursion worthwhile. You should simply be cautious about your moves, don't meander alone around evening time, abstain from drinking out with outsiders, and don't convey enough money with you.

" Indians can't communicate in English! "

While voyaging abroad, language is frequently a hindrance for the greater part of the individuals. We generally like to discover English-talking individuals, with the goal that communication gets simpler. Also, for a few of us, we would prefer to want to get familiar with the local language of the nation, so as to transform ourselves into a multilingual character!

As indicated by a survey*, India is the world's second-biggest English-talking country (with 125 million English speakers), after the United States. At each side of the nation, you'll see somebody or the other talking in English, possibly broken words if not familiar. Additionally, you may likewise discover individuals communicating in Russian and Portuguese in Goa, French in Pondicherry. To make the point straight, when you are in India, language won't be an obstruction, without a doubt.

" India is a poor nation "

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Let us expose another of the fantasies about India. We're happy we're doing this for you.

Individuals over the globe believe that India is a poor nation and that there are homeless people wherever you lay your eyes. Sorry to blast your air pocket, yet it's truly typical for any nation to House some needy individuals.

In any case, India, as per an ongoing overview, is the eleventh nation to house the most extreme number of millioniares.

Does that smell of neediness to you?

In addition, you can recognize any sort of extravagance vehicle and house in the nation. And so on and you'll see it. It doesn't end here, we have a couple of more fantasies about India that you have to isolate from the realities, immediately!

Hinduism is the main religion here! Is that valid?

So nothing disillusions us more than hearing another of those fantasies about India which says that India is home to just Hinduism as the religion.

On the off chance that anything can be all the more off-base, we'd be happy to find out about it.Because as much as India is known for its assorted variety, it is strictly so various.

With individuals having a place with such a significant number of strict foundations living in solidarity inside this gigantic nation, it is just right in calling it as mainstream as it can get. Be it Christianity or Islam or Hinduism so far as that is concerned, you'll discover individuals having a place with all.

For some odd reason, that is the magnificence of unfathomable India. Also, we haven't felt prouder doing anything as much as we did while busting one of that greatest fantasy about India. Indeed, this one.

" There are high possibilities that you will be scammed "

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Again this isn't an issue remarkable to India and is only a formation of the media to paint India in a terrible light. You should simply avoid potential risk with the goal that you don't fall a casualty. In the event that you are not cautious, in any case, the con artists are genuine and will you extremely hard when you don't anticipate it, should you bring down your gatekeeper.

" It's consistently HOT "

No, that's false! One can appreciate an ideal, whitewashed with snow sort of winter in India as well, throughout the winter months. While it doesn't snow all over India, it does in some Northern conditions of India, where the winters are positively not hot. Additionally, the climatic conditions vary in every area of the nation, so it's absolutely wrong to accept that it's consistently hot in India.

" All Indians are veggie lovers "

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At the point when will generalizing stop, we wonder! India serves meat, chicken, pork, hamburger, squid, fish and nearly everything that is non-veggie lover and lawfully palatable. What more! At certain spots, it is hard for veggie lovers and vegetarians to discover something that'll suit their taste buds. It's not that we need to boast or anything, yet we'd like to reveal to you that you will locate the most heavenly and pocket-accommodating non-veggie lover food things in India.

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