This is the Only Flight Operating Between Mumbai and London As India Joins UK's Travel Red List


With rising COVID-19 cases in India came a number of travel bans and restrictions from across the world. On April 23, 2021, UK announced that India was on its travel 'Red List'. According to the official website of the UK government, this means that travellers from India and travellers who have been in India 10 days before their arrival in the UK are banned from entry. This rule is an exception only for British and Irish Nationals, as well as those who have residence rights in the UK.  Amid this ban, Air India has announced additional flights that will now ply between the countries. 

Air India takes to Twitter to announce flights

According to Air India's aforementioned announcement, flights between Mumbai and London will start operating on May 16, 2021 and as of now, will continue until May 31, 2021. However, please note that these are not daily flights. Please refer to the schedule above for more details. 

Air India also announces flights between Bengaluru and London 

In addition to flights between London and Mumbai, Air India has also announced flights between Bengaluru and London. These flights will also begin plying on May 16, 2021 and continue till May 31, 2021. For the flight schedule, please refer to the image above.

In addition to announcing flights, the airlines is also offering waivers to passengers travelling from India to UK and back. For details, you can visit their website to know more.

Please note that though these flights have begun operations, the airlines has released a disclaimer saying that passengers are to check their eligibility to enter UK. As of now, only UK and Irish citizens, as well as those with UK residency are permitted to travel from India to UK. Even these passengers are to quarantine in a government approved facility. 

Passengers travelling from UK to India need to present a COVID-19 negative report, isolate in a government approved facility for 7 days, followed by 7 days of home isolation.

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Remember to stay home and stay safe because travel sure can wait!

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