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It's time you break your mental lockdown and find an escape with Moustache's 10 best treks in India. Indulge in the beauty of majestic mountains and serene mountain lakes filled with thrill, adventure, and tranquility at some of the highest treks in India carefully mapped after deliberation such as the Lakes Trek, Tarsar Marsar Trek, Goecha La Trek, and many more.

1. Har Ki Dun:

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Har Ki Dun valley, also known as the valley of Gods is a perfect escape from the crowd into snow-covered peaks and alpine vegetation with no road connectivity and breathtaking scenic views. Located about 11,811 ft above main sea level, Har Ki Dun( also termed as Har Ki Doon) is nestled in the remotest area of Uttarakhand, hiding the beauty of untouched & unexplored parts of Garhwal Himalayas.

What makes this package experience unique is camping near the sparkling water of Ruinsara Lake in the middle of the rhododendrons forest and trekking the famous mythological Swargarohini peak from the Mahabharata. Har Ki Dun trek has a lot to offer than just a trek into the mountains. It is one of the most beautiful treks that will take you through some of the most unknown and mythically impacted pathways throughout its journey. Exploring majestic sunrise, visiting the famous Duryodhana Temple and the brilliant night sky is just a part of the whole journey. To summarize, the Har Ki Dun trek offers a unique experience of trekking towards a gateway of something out of this world.

2. Kashmir Great Lakes:

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Kashmir valley is undoubtedly the heaven on the Earth offering magical views and amazing hospitality with natural serene beauties striking your soul on a different level. A lifetime experience for all nature lovers and trekkers.

Moustache has come up with an itinerary that will take you deep in the valley while covering different hidden lakes. The trek offers a collage of vintage memories witnessing the high mountain passes, the snow patches that feed the lakes, and milky white icebergs floating on the lake's inky blue surface. The trek offers majestic mountain sceneries like no other, everyday you get different views of the valley and the different passes you cross.

The trek gradience can be a tiring one but is very rewarding at the same time. This Kashmir Great Lakes trek package is the best trek for you to do this year. The trek to Kashmir Great Lakes begins at Srinagar exploring the region filled with gurgling streams and beautiful lakes. You will also pass through many small bridges and ramble on grassland dotted with yellow flowers and pine forest during your trek.

3. Tarsar Marsar:

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Tarsar Marsar Lakes is one of the other hidden gems of Kashmir valley beside the Kashmir Great Lakes trek with one of the largest lakes with the deepest blue waters that you have ever seen in Kashmir or elsewhere. Tarsar Marsar trekking covers a vast landscape of beautiful lush green meadows complemented by blooming pink, yellow, and red flowers with snow-fed lakes, and great Himalayan ranges, defining this trek a perfect summary of the Kashmir valley. With the Moustache trek itinerary, you pass through three distinct lakes - Tarsar, Marsar, and Sundersar. All being extremely beautiful one of the other and unlike any other lakes across India.

The trek covers astonishing grasslands like velvet, walking through hovering pine trees that are beautiful and fragrant, little thatched-roofed hamlets populated by beautiful humans, and perfect stillness of azure waters complemented by blooming pink, yellow, and red flowers.

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4. Kedartal:

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Kedartal, also known as Shiva's lake lies in the Garhwal region of the Himalayas at an altitude of 15,485 ft. The lake covers the majestic view of all the major mountain peaks of the country., giving you an iconic 360 panoramic view around you.

The lake is the best place to see peaks like Thalaysagar (6,904 m), Bhrigupanth (6,772 m), Meru (6,672 m) and many more. The lake is fed by the glaciers of surrounding peaks and it is also a source of Kedar Ganga river, which is considered as a Lord Shiva's contribution to river Bhagirathi. Located at a distance of 17 km from Gangotri, Kedartal trek is a popular trekking destination. On this Trek, you will also visit Gaumukh which is the source of the river Ganges, considered the holiest river in Hinduism. Which makes Gaumukh one of the holiest places in Hindu culture, also a magical sight which is not to be missed.

Kedartal trekking encompasses walking through dense forests, walking on glaciers, walking on the moraine, watching the glacial lake, and having a close encounter with the most beautiful and mighty Thalaysagar peak.

5. Bali Pass:

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There are a few treks that offer a variety of experiences and are still being forgotten. The Bali Pass trek is one of those. The Bali Pass summit is one of the high altitudes summits as it ascends to an altitude of 16,207 ft. filled with adventures and transcendental views turning your trip into a nostalgic treat. The trek route starts from Sankri village and passes through one of the Char Dham Yatra of Hindus, Yamunotri, Har Ki Dun valley and also traverses through the Ruisara valley, finally ending at Jankichatti in the span of 8 days and 7 nights. During the hike, you pass through the dense forest, cross a few streams, traverse through the wide meadows, walk over the wooden bridges, and finally after proper acclimatization head to the summit while walking over the huge boulder section and not to forget the dense ice you will be walking on. You must pay attention to the guidance of the Trek guide as hiking over the dense snow will be a tricky one. The scissor pattern will work, post reaching the Summit point you will be welcomed by a massive 360 view of the Snow-Capped Himalayan Peaks, the Ruinsara and Yumnotri, and the peaks of Bandarpoonch and Kalanag also the logical route of Saptarishi Kund. The trek of Bali Pass is an adventurous filled hike that has a lot to offer but is still not well known to many trekkers

6. Bhrigu Lake:

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Bhrigu Lake Trek summarizes the best experience to trek over the vastest and the most flourishing meadows in the entire Himachal Pradesh. The geography and the perfect location of the mountains, meadows, sun, and the lake makes the colour of the lake change according to its mood. Sometimes, it also happens that if you spend more than an hour near the lake, you might spot colour changing from glittering navy blue to stunning emerald green too! It offers you the biggest open views of the mountain ranges and the valleys, the adventure of trailing through viridescent glowing meadows, and typical mountain surprises. If you are a great fan of 18th century Britain or Scotland landscapes of massive grasslands, spooky meadows, and blooming flowers, then Bhrigu lake trekking can fulfill your dream. During the trial, you will walk through knee-high blooming yellow and white flowers and will spot several wild horses grazing around.

Interestingly, mythology and several oral histories corroborate that one of the seven saptarishis, Maharishi Bhrigu meditated extensively at the lake, giving it the name which reverberates across the Kull valley today. Bhrigu Lake trekking is a very pleasurable experience that brings a sense of calmness and oneness to you. While you are on the Bhrigu lake trek route, you get lost in the world of charm and magic.

7. Friendship Peak:

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Summarized by an amazing panoramic view of snowy peaks namely Friendship, Friendship Peak is located in the Pir Panjal range, situated at an altitude of 17,380 ft. has famed reputation among the trekker's community due to its snow-covered peaks throughout the year. Friendship peak trek demands an experience of travelling to higher altitudes before stepping in the trek. The trail follows a trip to Solang valley, featuring several alpine meadows, thick Alpine tree forest. Once reaching high altitude covered with thick sheets of snow and narrow ridges makes the trail challenging as well as thrilling at the same time. You must pay attention to the trek leader in order to conquer the Friendship Peak and follow the acclimatization process. The place is considered a trekker's paradise. This is difficult, only those with experience in the trekking are allowed to go for the extreme terrain. The view from the top is truly rewarding filled with a spectacular view of Solan Valley filled with alpine meadows covered in thick forests, and colourful orchards.

8. Valley of Flowers:

Photo of Top 10 Trekking Destinations in 2021 - Moustache Escapes 8/10 by Abhishek Khandelwal

The Valley of Flowers trek is amongst the famous and most renowned trek experiences across the continent, popular among Indian as well as European Trek communities declared as the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2002. It is also one of India's oldest treks that makes it super popular. It is a valley filled with 300 different types of flowers radiating innumerable colours of charming wildflowers. The trail in the valley is fairly easy and can be achieved by any beginner level of trek experience. It is preferred to visit the valley in the month of July, August, and early September. Since it is during this time, most of the flowers bloom and glow under the warm sun and you get to trek through an entire field of colorful flowers. The only challenge is the sudden change in altitude from 9,500 to 14,100 is due to the steep trail while climbing the Hemkund Sahib. But the final view of the entire valley of flowers(Phoolo ki Ghati) and the great Himalayas instantly kills your exhaustion and tiredness through the journey.

9. Goecha La:

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Goecha La trek is among the dream trek destinations for hundreds of adventure lovers throughout the country. Located in a tiny place of Sikkim, Goecha La is filled with vibrant and colorful flora and fauna. What makes Goecha La trek interesting is the combination of Kanchenjunga National Park and other big summits around making it an absolute adventure to many.

October to November is the best time to visit Goecha La since the sky is completely clear to watch sunrise and sunset and to be mesmerized by the clear view of Mt. Kanchenjunga, the world's third-highest mountain. Fun fact, if you notice the back of Rs.100 note it is the astonishing view from Goecha La.

Visiting Goecha La during May welcomes you with the bright red Rhododendrons lining the trail, including October to November and March and April which are also considered good seasons for Goecha La trekking. Some of the honorary mentioned peaks are Mount Pandim, Kabru, Rohtang that lies on the Goechala Trek, both astounding and captivating trekkers every time.

10. Dayara Bugyal:

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Equally beautiful throughout the year, the Dayara Bugyal has the biggest snow expanse. Expanded over an astonishing area of 28 km, Dayara Bugyal is among the highest and largest meadows that can't be covered in a single glance. One of the rarest things which you find only in this trek is the panoramic views of the entire Gangotri and Yamunotri ranges, which attract hundreds of tourists and trekkers from all over the country. The famous Mt. Bandarpunch and the black peak can be vividly spotted on the right of the trekking trail. Under the warm sun, they glow and offer the best views of themselves.

Dayara Bugyal is just the perfect choice for those who love walking huge landscapes of a lush green garden or snow-white field. Apart from the huge expanse of mountains and open valleys, the charm of Dayara Bugyal forests simply can't be missed. The dense oak forests look so beautiful both during the summers and winters. During summers, the forest is filled with sweet and comforting aromas, whereas in winters the same forests engulf in snow. The entire trek is filled with dense forests and a rich community of birds. If lucky enough, you can even spot the rarest of birds and wildlife. During the daytime, the entire forest is charmed with the beauty and chirping of these birds' charms!

During spring and summer, snow melts, and the meadows appear again with lush green meadows and grasslands. The summer season accompanies the blooming of maple tree flowers and other wildflowers and flourishes the landscape with a green environment. This makes an ideal time for your family to trek. During winters Dayara Bugyal turns into vast snowfields and glowing snow under the warm sun. Dayara Bugyal is the perfect trek for those who are finding an escape from crowded treks and love snow.

The tents are extremely thrilling to sleep in the middle of a large field of snow glowing under an ink-blue sky twinkling with millions of stars.

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