Travel On Your Mind? Detox Yourself With These Unique Activities 


Not all vacations consist relaxation or just simply laying on the beach and embracing the beauty of nature. I am sure, you may still be feeling the effects of mid-2018 and the need for a quick holiday. But, let's plan something different for you this time! A little change from your otherwise travel trips, why not explore some 'detox activities' that you can take up to maximize your peace of mind.

a) Sports and adventure: Windsurfing

What could be better than experiencing wind passing through your hair and the view of crystal clear water and a few drops dowsing your face? Windsurfing holidays are gaining attention, especially among the resorts that are beach-facing. A best way to feel fit during your vacation, this also acts as a full-body workout. So why not spare sometime for it and get active with a beach sport?

Best location: South Padres Island - Texas and Maui – Hawaii, Goa, Lakshadweep, Kovalam - Kerela.

b) Indulge in beach spa treatments

Receive the best of experiences by combining the most awaited relaxation time on beaches, along with an indulgence in spa treatments. This will not only help in getting away from the stresses and strains, but you can also enjoy a range of holistic and fitness activities in the surroundings. Beach spa treatment is ideal for couples or single travellers. So, go on, treat yourself and you won’t regret it!

Best location: Kovalam - Kerala, Panjim - Goa, Kumarakom - Kerela, Tucson – Arizona, Hua Hin – Thailand

c) Pilates – A healthy indulgence

Pilates act like a full-body conditioning system that draws training elements from gymnastics, yoga, and dance. Teaming Pilates alongside other holistic activities like meditation or natural spa treatments help to tone up and slim down, so indulge in healthier options during your vacation and tailor your trip to your own fitness goals.

Best location: Gothenburg – Sweden, Novi Sad – Serbia and Calgary - Canada, Bhagsu Yoga & Pilate Institute - Dharamshala, Yoga Education Training Society - Varanasi

d) Mountain Biking: Adventure boost

Soak up some Vitamin D and breathe in some fresh air while you take in the craggy scenery on a mountain bike tour. There wouldn’t be a better time to explore your surroundings by mountain biking. So, if you’re looking for an all-round healthy getaway that is totally thrilling yet mentally calming, you can opt for this activity.

Best location: Finale Ligure – Italy, Switzerland, Sardiana – Italy and Whistler, British Columbia - Canada, Leh - Jammu & Kashmir, Manali - Himachal Pradesh, Coorg - Karnataka