Traveler’s traditions to Welcome 2017!

1st Dec 2016

2016 has been a roller coaster ride. A year of wavering trembles for some and for some a year full of opportunities. Nevertheless, New year always is a glass full of high hopes and for some people (like me) , the enchantment is felt 30 days prior before hitting 2017!

Speaking as a born traveler, I like to have some occasions specially dedicated to my travels. Getting into a new year is one of them. However, like most of travelers, I dodge the over- crowded places, more importantly the over – budgeted trips.

Here are some Traveler’s traditions you can follow to celebrate this New Year and break the too–rusty (oops touristy…) ones!

Luck it or Leave it! - Take a World/ country map, blindfold yourself, get a marker in your hand and let the luck decide the traveler’s tale for you. Whatever the destination marked, make sure to reach it. If not accessible, get to closest point!

Best played : With people who you want to Welcome New Year with!

Photo of Traveler’s traditions to Welcome 2017! 1/5 by Vasundhara Gupta

Scrap it! – There are no travels without camera, no camera without pictures. In the gleaming high tech era, we have our travel glimpse in a click. Why not go old school with all the pictures! Take the best moments, the remarkable ones, the ones which swept you off your feet and make a Travel scrap book. What is a better ode than reliving those moments again!

Photo of Traveler’s traditions to Welcome 2017! 2/5 by Vasundhara Gupta

Make a Wish – As I have checked all my travel list for this year, I can’t wait to make another one! Take your time, list out 6- 8 places which you still have in your list from a long time. 2017 Is the year of the unfinished, long leered travels!

Photo of Traveler’s traditions to Welcome 2017! 3/5 by Vasundhara Gupta

Dodge TooRusty places - Celebrating the New Year in places which acts as a magnet to the tourist is the last thing on travelers mind. Ditch Goa, Manali, Andamans.. Go for Gokarna, Champa instead. Take on a winter trek this season! Spend the night under stars, stay at a homestay instead of spending a fortune at hotels.

Photo of Traveler’s traditions to Welcome 2017! 4/5 by Vasundhara Gupta

Make world a better place - Credit yourself with good deeds at the end of this year. Opt for Voluntourism, make a difference. Let your den be a foster home for an animal in need, teach while you are exploring. There are so many ways you can make the World a better place. Explore the power of your travels, you have seen it all, you know people, their hardships. Spread the love and luck around the World!

Photo of Traveler’s traditions to Welcome 2017! 5/5 by Vasundhara Gupta

Let every year enhance something in you. Make the best of your opportunities. Travel while you are young. Touch people’s lives and spread the hope! Let the sparkle in your eyes shine bright. Set the traveler in you free this year.

Wishing you all a very lucky and adventurous 2017! Bon Voyage!