What is Har Ki Dun Height?


It is encircled by snow-covered pinnacles and high vegetation. It is related to Baspa Valley by the Borasu Pass. Har Ki Dun Height is around 3566 m (11700 ft) above mean ocean level and is essentially a valley with tremendous lavish green glades for what it's worth.

Photo of What is Har Ki Dun Height? 1/1 by Rajat Devyal

What makes Har Ki Dun journeying so extraordinary is its tremendousness. As the whole scene is encircled by massive pinnacles and definitely no timberlines, your field of view is involved by staggering greenish glades and wild ponies. Likewise, despite the fact that the journey occurs at the remotest piece of Uttarakhand, yet it is the regular living space for large numbers of the neighborhood networks with ages-old practices.