What is Stopping You From Traveling


Are you Scared

Fear of the unknown, fear of leaving home, fear of flying, fear of any mishap during journey any of these fear may be stoping you from traveling more but relax our brains are designed to protect us and fear is something that is common to everyone. Proper planning and information about the destination can help you to overcome fear. once you start facing fear it will gradually decrease. Start from places near your area, which are easier to explore for you.

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Do you feel Financially stuck

First you need to prioritize it. you need to keep it above other things, So whenever you are going to buy new cloths or going to an expensive restaurant or buying an expensive mobile you need to think, what is more important to you? Do you really need that 20k mobile or its better to buy 5k mobile and travel with 15k. you need to start saving for your travel even if the amount is as low as 100 rupee. I am in my late 20’s and I earn enough to Indulge in luxury but I don’t own a Television or a car and we have just very basic furniture at home because I don’t need it, I love to travel and I spend in Experiences rather then material because that’s makes me happy. Even if you are a student and you don’t earn. you should start saving you pocket money, spend less for other things.

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Do your research properly choose destinations that are cheaper and provide best value for money. The cheapest destination for me was Amritsar the food and stay was free at golden temple and public transportation was cheap. So my round trip to amritsar from chandigarh costed less then 1000 rupees. Same way Pondicherry and Kanyakumari was pretty cheap for me because food and stay was cheap and all tourist destinations were near so I saved on transportation. you need do your research and plan properly.

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Never had enough time to Travel

You need to plan properly India is country of festivals and we are lucky to get lots of festive holidays. Take out calendar and your holiday list do some maths and plan all long weekends add on some casual leaves and mark it for vacation. if destination is far from your place then plan in advance at least 3 months before hand so you can get tickets in affordable price and have chance to grab some offers.

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Start now don’t keep it like I will save money for 5 years and then go for a euro trip. of-course you need to save for a long period if you are planing for a euro trip, but I will suggest you to start from the places near you, roam around your city check if their is some place you have never been to. travel to nearby tourist destinations and simultaneously save for your big trips too. Believe me even a weekend trip to nearest tourist destination will bring happiness if you are a traveller at heart and don’t go by rules and pressure created by people around you.

Still don't have time then at-least go and visit your nearest park on Sunday evening.

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