Who would say 'No' to Himachal?

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Be it Kashmir or Himachal, those snow-capped mountains were something I thought I would only see in pictures and vlogs. Travelling all the way from the coastal tip of India to the beautiful land of mountains, up above as on the Indian map gifted me a handful of memories and a reminder of how incredible India is. And yes, the mountains invited me to witness an all-night-long pahadi wedding.

There we flew passing all the states between God’s Own Country, Kerala and Chandigarh, the twin capital of Punjab & Haryana. The super-enthusiastic people of Chandigarh and the flavour-rich food gave an awesome start to the next section of the journey, the road trip from Chandigarh to Kangra. Filled with desi-dhabas and golden-fields, it was indeed an interesting transition into teal-blue rivers and symmetric-iron bridges as we entered the Himachal borders.

While the Kangra Fort took us through the historic importance, the Kangra Devi Temple (Bajreshwari Mata Temple) & Mata Jwala Ji Temple let us experience the spiritual culture of North India. How can I miss mentioning the yummy aloo parathas, crispy momos and masala-rich maggies? The twist and turns during our commute within Kangra left me unbothered as I deeply admired the widespread white beauties behind, although far-far away. How I wish I could get closer to them one day and just feel the most valuable state of nothing but Peace!

After all, we went all the way there for an auspicious function, right? Sunhet, a small village with lovely people within the Kangra district welcomed us with their traditional, yet grand rituals. To re-iterate, the wedding took place throughout the night. A night filled with music, dance, food, happiness and laughter. Thanks to my neighbour for falling in love with a pretty Himachali girl and giving the rest of us a chance to fall in love with Himachal 🙂

Have you ever waited so long to taste that ever-tempting & special dish, and finally got to taste it, but could only take a teeny-tiny bite, and you just end up craving it more and more?

Unfortunately, that’s the emotion which Dharamshala left me with. But I believe that was a tactic to call me back to Little Lhasa and make me play another magic of words!

Kangra Mata Temple

Photo of Who would say 'No' to Himachal? by CreativeTraveller