Do You Like the Mountains? Or Do You Like the Beaches? The Argument Goes On ...

29th Nov 2017
Photo of Do You Like the Mountains? Or Do You Like the Beaches? The Argument Goes On ... 1/3 by Shreya Jana

I believe the world's population is divided into two - one who loves mountains, and the other who loves beaches! This debate has been prevalent since centuries and would go on for centuries more. The mountains or beaches argument is quite a serious topic if you give it a thought. Many a times it has ruined friendships, given sleepless nights on couches to husbands and the silence treatment to the lovers... and all because we stand divided in our opinions about the perfect destination for our next vacation.

People like me have been in love with the mountains since I could remember. It gives me a certain thrill, a sense of freedom and a new meaning to life. I can spend hours together just looking at those ranges beautifully formed along the horizon. After a much planned trip to Sandakphu (the highest point in West Bengal, India), I got the opportunity to witness the beauty of Kanchenjunga in all its glory. That too in a distance where i thought if i stretched out my hand i would be able to touch the snow on its ridges. I stood there mesmerised by the beauty as i wondered how many lives had been lost just to conquer its peak! Kanchenjunga changes its colors from sparkling white to yellow to orange to silver during sunrise and sunsets. It is a sight to behold! At night also when you look out of the window of the hotel room, you can see it standing tall in its shining armour. In Bhutan again, the Jomo Lhari casted its spell on me.

On any given day i would choose mountains over beaches.

But bae is an ardent beach lover so much so that he has simply refused to visit Switzerland till the time that he is alive! And here I am planning a vacation to see the Swiss Alps, taking a glorious train ride Jungfrau and spending a romantic day at Interlaken!!! *sigh*

When you are faced with a dilemma like this, there's very little that you can do.

1) Trying to Manipulate: Put on your bitch mode and try to manipulate your partner to go to the mountains with you. Beg, plead, throw a tantrum, anything that works, because mountains are LIFE!

2) Negotiate: Negotiate with him, that if he comes with you to the mountains, you would spend your next vacation at the beaches with him.

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3) Draw up a plan: Make a pact with him where you plan your vacations alternatively to the mountains and beaches. This way nobody really loses out on anything. Both of you would be a winner!

4) Draw chits: Draw chits to decide where you would go for your next vacation. Though one of you would be left disappointed after this for sure! ????

5) Go solo/ with friends: Have your heart set on the train ride to Jungfrau but he doesn't want to join in? Worry not, in today's world of travelling made easy, go solo and take those instagram-worthy pictures to slay like a queen. Even better, call your BFF to the rescue and take a girls' trip to cherish for a lifetime!

Photo of Do You Like the Mountains? Or Do You Like the Beaches? The Argument Goes On ... 3/3 by Shreya Jana

Saying that, i wouldn't say that i particularly hate beaches. As you stand on the shore, looking at the setting sun in the far-away horizon, it strikes you just how vast the ocean really is. The water sweeping your feet washes away all the worries in the world. You can get a foot massage, sip on refreshing coconut water or just lie down and chill. Beaches are relaxing. But mountains invoke a certain yearning in me.

So, as i plan our next vacation, my partner is preparing to spend the night on the couch with just a blanket as company! ????????

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