Why You Should Definitely Travel to Jamaica


For most people, going on a holiday is the most intensely anticipated time of year. And when you’re in charge of choosing the destination, making sure it’s perfect for everyone is essential. There are plenty of options out there to suit all budget and preferences, from winter sports lovers to beach enthusiasts. And for the latter, Jamaica is a sure shot.

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Reasons for Visiting Jamaica

According to information you can find on AJamaicanExperience.com, Jamaica makes for a great holiday destination anytime from mid-December to mid-April, but its climate is welcoming all year round. The country has a rich cultural background, incredible music, and breathtaking scenery. But if you’ve only got time to focus on a few things, the beaches, bars, and food should be your main concern.

The Beaches

From a geographical standpoint, Jamaica is an island, therefore it has beaches in all its major cardinal points. Therefore, there are plenty of stunning stretches of sand no matter the direction you choose to head into. Starting up north, Montego Bay is a must-see. And by far the best location within it is Doctor’s Cave Beach.

Because radios, vendors, and football are banned here, you get the chance to experience true peace and quiet in a welcoming and comfortable environment. In addition, the facilities here are top quality, so you won’t regret paying it a visit. Then, if you head on out west from MoBay, as the locals lovingly call it, you will reach the resort town of Negril.

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Negril is another stunning destination for swimming, sunbathing and partying. And Seven Mile Beach is exactly the preferred option for all of them. If you go down south, Treasure Beach makes an equally amazing choice. Finally, on the eastern side of the Jamaican coast, we have Boston Bay Beach, the place to be for jerk food enthusiasts.

The Bars

Business Insider details that one of the most important reasons to choose Jamaica as your next holiday destination is its bars and cafés. Because the country is renowned for its nightlife, this is something you shouldn’t miss out on. And fortunately, you will have plenty of alternatives to choose from.

For example, the aforementioned town of Negril is home to the famous Rick’s Café, an establishment which first opened its doors in 1774. And to add to its historical value, it’s also built on the side of a cliff, which makes for beautiful scenery. Just imagine watching the sunset while sipping on a delicious rum cream cocktail or any other drink of choice. Amazing, right?

And if you’re looking to integrate a bit more adventure into your bar hopping routine, Negril is still your best bet. Floyd’s Pelican Bar is another place you can go, and this one’s a winner. It is literally a hut that sits on stilts in the ocean, and you have to get there by boat. But once you reach it, fun is guaranteed to ensue.

The Food

No matter when, where and how you choose to visit Jamaica, trying some of the local dishes is a must. And, of course, the first one that comes to mind is jerk chicken. This style of cooking presupposes that the meat is dry-rubbed or marinated prior to cooking using a special Jamaican spice blend that contains pimento leaves.

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Although chicken is most famously prepared in this way, variations on the recipe also include pork or goat meat. And if you’re a fish and seafood lover, the traditional ackee and saltfish dish will surely be to your liking. Saltfish is basically cod, while ackee is a fruit which made its way from Ghana to the Caribbean via Africans way back in the 1700s.

Beef lovers won’t regret trying Jamaican cuisine either. Beef pies are a staple in the country at any time of day, and if you want something more satiating, there’s always oxtail to choose from on the menu of any restaurant. And to top it all off, there are plenty of delicious rum-based drinks to go with your meal.

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Final Thoughts

Naturally, traveling to Jamaica means more than just sunbathing, drinking rum and eating jerk chicken. Nevertheless, these will always make a good place to start. And after you’ve satisfied your tourist needs, discovering the amazingly colorful and rich culture of the country is an incredible bonus.