A day trip to netarhat

18th Sep 2021

While jharkhand is one of the most underrated travel destinations.The state is filled with some beautiful landscapes and interesting topography and can offer the best of all the worlds.I have been born in brought up in Jamshedpur and right from my childhood days i've heard that there aren't much places to be visited near our area.I had lived with the same belief and then the pandemic changed the way people travelled and eventually we(a group of 4 friends) landed up exploring more local destinations and that's how i stumbled upon this beautiful destination called netarhat

This small hill station is considered to be the highest point in the CHOTA NAGPUR PLATEAU

.Its situated around 160 kms away from the state capital -Ranchi and around 270 kms away from Jamshedpur.

We decided to embark on the journey since we were frantically looking for places close to our hometown.The drive till the hill station was extremely pleasant .

Some of the things that you could do at Netarhat are as follows

1.Walk around pine forests-The place is filled with beautiful pine forests offering great photogenic locations just like in the movies

2.Visting the sunset/magnolia point-A Lot of tourists flock around during the evening hours to watch the sunset.Legend has it that a girl called Magnolia jumped from the mountain along with her house because she fell in love with a shepherd and things went south

3.Netarhat school is a school built by the britishers and it still is extremely famous in the belt

4.LODH FALLS-Now this is the main reason why we planned the trip as this waterfall is the highest waterfall of Jharkhand.It lies on the border of Chhattisgarh And JHARKHAND and calling it magnificent is also an understatement.

Some key pointers

1.The hill station is relatively not developed therefore phone networks dont work that well.

2 Booking a hotel is a massive task as non of them are available on any travel portal or for that matter they don't have a their own website either

There are just two decent hotels ,one is PRABHAT HOTEL run by the government of Jharkhand.They have there own website and bookings are usually full from one month prior

And the second hotel is lakeview

3.The food offered in general is not that great so please carry some supplies just in case as THERE ARE NO MARKET PLACES

4.Electricity is a huge problem so make sure you have your power banks in place.

5.There is no public transport available for local commute so please hire /bring your own vehicle.