A tryst with the Garden City :)

26th Aug 2017

Solo Trips are in vogue these days and the internet is flooded with tempting pictures, travel stories and experiences of travelers from all around the world. I myself found the idea quite enthralling and wanted to travel on my own into an unknown land. Since childhood I admired the hippies and loved their carefree style of travelling with rucksack on the back, shoes buckled up and absolutely disconnected from the world. Last month, to my good luck I happened to realize my childhood dream. I too went with my rucksack and sports shoes on to a Solo trip to Mysore.

Photo of A tryst with the Garden City :) 1/1 by Dolly Shukla

I was excited about my upcoming trip but, just like any other Indian girl, I too had a bucket of doubts and fears. Thoughts on the safety statistics started haunting and then more thoughts came creeping through. Do I need to do this? Mysore is a real far place from Gurgaon for all practical reason. Maybe I can plan somewhere closer to Delhi but why go at all. Nonetheless then the heart whispered “YOLO” and superseded the mind.

And so I reached Mysore that evening. I took the KSRTC Volvo bus from the Bangalore Airport to reach Mysore. I checked-in into my hotel and went out to explore the City of Palaces.

Mysore Palace

Day 1

Chamundi Hills

This place was again 20 kilometers from there and it was 8:00 pm by now. I was a bit scared to travel to the hill at this time alone in the bus. Mind had already started cursing the YOLO heart but somewhere deep inside my heart I was very positive and still waiting for the good to happen to me. There were many ladies in the bus and I sat on the reserved seat for ladies and was conversing with a middle aged woman beside me. She was lovely and warm at heart and this made me feel safe by then. The temperature started to fall a bit as the night approached and the bus ascended towards the hill.

Surprisingly, the next thing that I saw was no less than a relief to the sore eyes. The amazing view of the city of Palaces from the hills that we were ascending was mesmerizing. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise as I was yearning for lights in the evening and was disappointed at not getting the lighted view of the Palace, but from where I stood I could see the whole city lighted beautifully.

View of the Mysore City from the hill top

Photo of Chamundi Hill, Mysuru, Karnataka, India by Dolly Shukla

The beautiful horse-driven Chariots stay aligned outside the Mysore Palace. It is a perfect joy ride to experience the royal heritage and wander around the city.

I was enthusiast for the light and Sound show at the Brindavan Gardens, so I rushed towards the gate to get the bus for the Brindavan Garden. The place was around 16 kilometers from where I stood and the musical show was about to start at 8:00 pm and it was already 7:30 pm. Yes, I was screwed this time too, Big Time :P

I was standing there alone on the streets of Mysore with a question mark on my face and totally repenting on the idea of unplanned Solo Travelling. Nonetheless, I gathered the courage and boarded the bus for my next destination Chamundi Temple.

It was getting late and that place is actually not so safe for staying late that too alone. But then when you ask for something from the Universe with all your might, then the Universe itself aligns itself in that way. At that place, I met one stranger who later turned out to be a good friend and to add icing on the cake, a professional photographer too :D

One of the pictures from my first ever Photo Shoot :P

Photo of A tryst with the Garden City :) by Dolly Shukla

I reached my hotel safely after what we could call “A perfect Day” and had a good night sleep.

Crazy experiment with the gajra :D

Photo of A tryst with the Garden City :) by Dolly Shukla

I visited the Mysore Place, it was beautiful indeed and each and every part of it proudly boasted the magnificent royal heritage. The history lovers will love the Museum as it offers a great pool of knowledge about the legends of Wodeyar dynasty. I was excited about the lighting that takes place in the evening, however on reaching the Mysore Palace, I discovered that the Palace is lighted only on Sundays and Public Holidays. There I was standing alone in the middle of the massive Palace on a Saturday evening :D

Note: So, all those lightning enthusiasts should make it a point to visit the Palace only on Sundays and Public holidays for viewing the whole lighted view of the Palace :D

Chariot Ride

Photo of Mysore Palace, Agrahara, Chamrajpura, Mysuru, Karnataka, India by Dolly Shukla

Next morning I welcomed the dawn of Mysore and was all set to explore the place on foot. Although, the mornings are beautiful everywhere in the world but if it is the one in the cleanest city of India then the beauty increases by manifolds. It was drizzling continuously, so I borrowed an umbrella from the hotel reception and went on my morning.

Walk on the roads of Mysore at 5:30 am

Photo of A tryst with the Garden City :) by Dolly Shukla

Calm surroundings, rain droplets, lush green trees and the fragrance of the jasmine flowers from the gajras sold by the vendors on the street made my day. There was freshness in the air around me, a sparkle that not just entered my body but the soul too.

The massive Dosa

Photo of A tryst with the Garden City :) by Dolly Shukla

I would strongly suggest traveling to a place alone at least once in a while. Cut those excuses, break out of your comfort zone, trust your instincts and enter into some unknown destination. You will dare to dream once again in life, and go through lot of grand experiences and great things to learn. Even considering the least you will have a story to tell and some lovely memories to cherish for lifetime.

When in Mysore, simply strolling around the roads all by yourself would do a perfect job. The stay is economical, people are friendly and warm at heart, the city is far away from any kind of commercialization and it indeed is the cleanest city of the Country. If you are a wanderer like me, you will certainly appreciate the beauty of this place.