Chamundi Hill 1/13 by Tripoto
Chetali Dh
My Mysore sightseeing started with "CHAMUNDI HILLS". Goddess 'Chamundi' killed the demon "Mahishasura", that's the very origin of Mysore. Chamundi Devi temple is not only visited by tourists in big numbers but also by locals, due to it's religious importance. One has to stand in long queues for the darshan, even in the VIP(Rs. 300) lines. One of the main attraction of Chamundi Hills is the statue of demon Mahishasura; painted with vibrant colors, it's so eye-full.
Panchami Bekal
Chamundi Hills: This is approximately 1065 M above the sea level. There is a temple dedicated to Goddess Chamundi at the top of the hill. Half way through, there is a Nandi statue too.
Juliet Kilo
Mahishasura - the asura (demon). His father was Rambha and he fell in love with a princess called Mahishi who was cursed to be water buffalo. Asura was born out of their union. Hence, he was able to change human and buffalo form at will. (Mahisha is a sanskrit word meaning buffalo).
Aishwarya Venugopal
Chamundi hills is something that only Mysore can boast of and it is has an unavoidable importance in the history of the city. It visible from any part of the city. And once you reach at the top of the hill you'll get a bird's eye view of mysore which includes the mysore palace . People who loves trekking will not forget this destination. It is not just a hill but it holds the famous chamundeshwari temple and the Mahabaleshwara temple. The Mysore Wodeyar dynasty considers Chamundeshawari as the deity of the royal family. Therefore the hill is important for the people here from religious as well tourism perspective.